Trump Jr. Blasts Clinton - Explains 'What Happened' With Just 7 Words

A lack of personal accountability is one of the more unappealing character traits that a person can be in possession of, and it often takes a serious wake-up call for those that possess that trait to remove it. There’s a really big wake-up call screaming from the mountaintops these days in the form of Hillary Clinton, and we can only hope that those that have the trait are paying attention and doing whatever they can to rid themselves of it. The failed presidential candidate is out promoting her book, ‘What Happened,’ and she’s providing further confirmation that she simply refuses to accept responsibility for her actions.

Clinton has all sorts of excuses up her sleeve to explain why she lost the election, and she’s not shy about naming names. She’s alienated even some of her staunchest supporters with her behavior, but she continues to play the blame game without remorse. In addition to naming the people that she views as being responsible for her loss, Clinton has come up with a whole host of factors that prevented her from reaching her goals.

Among the people and things she has listed are fired FBI Director James Comey, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, content farms in Macedonia, the New York Times, social media, misogynists, television executives, and suburban women. That’s just a small sampling of her laundry list of excuses, which is nothing short of off-putting. Nowhere on that list is the number of errors she made herself, as she seems incapable of looking in the mirror to figure out what the real problem is.

In any event, Clinton is back in the headlines in a big way, courtesy of the mainstream media that she claims didn’t do anything for her during the election. The attention boost will drum up interest in her book, and then we’ll assume she’ll head back up to Chappaqua to persist, resist, and whatnot. In the meantime, she continues to open herself up to scorn and ridicule while being completely oblivious to the ramifications of what she has to say.

As the Independent Journal Review shares, Clinton is once again a popular topic on social media - but not in the way she would like to be.

“For those keeping score at home, the Hillary Clinton Election Loss Blame Game. @FoxNewsResearch,” shared one user, which included a graphic of the gaggle of excuses Clinton has made.

“Clinton Admits She Sat On Her Couch During The Women’s March,” the Daily Caller shares.

It seems that Clinton was too tuckered out to attend, and that prompted this epic reply from Donald Trump Jr.

“Exhausted from not campaigning in MI, WS, etc???” he wrote.
Perhaps that’s why, but you’d never know it. Clinton’s list of excuses for ‘what happened’ does not include the fact that her campaign strategy was abysmal. She assumed that the liberal elitists would carry her to victory, and there was simply no need for her to engage with the average American voter.

That proved to be quite a costly misstep. While she sailed to victory in the liberal enclaves as expected, the rest of the country saw things very differently. They saw an out-of-touch candidate that was behaving as if the presidency was her birthright, and they decided they would rather not see that type of person leading our nation.

Maybe someday she’ll realize what really happened. We hope she does, but we’ll be wishing twice as hard that she doesn’t feel the need to tell the world all about it whenever she has her epiphany.

Source: Independent Journal Review
Photo: YouTube, Twitter

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