Trump Denies Ever Supporting Iraq War

Donald Trump on Thursday accused Hillary Clinton of lying when she claims he initially backed the U.S. invasion of Iraq, The Hill reported.

Though the real-estate mogul frequently criticized the war after it was under way, he told talk-show host Howard Stern before the invasion that he was in favor of it. Trump denies that he ever backed the military action, for which Clinton voted while she was a senator representing New York. The former secretary of state has since admitted that she made a mistake in giving President George W. Bush the authority to attack Iraq.

Clinton said during Wednesday night’s “commander in chief forum” on NBC News that her stance on the issue has been identical to Trump’s evolving positions. She accused her opponent of shifting his views in response to changing public opinion.

“Iraq is one of the biggest differences in this race,” Trump told the crowd at a campaign rally in Cleveland on Thursday. “I opposed going in and I did oppose it, despite the media saying no, yes, no, I opposed going in and I opposed the reckless way Hillary Clinton took us out, along with President Obama, letting ISIS fill that big terrible void.”

Trump pointed out that three months after the invasion, he told Fox News’ Neil Cavuto that fixing the economy should be as high a priority as Iraq. Trump claimed to have said in March 2003 that the war was “a mess.”

“If I had been in Congress at the time I would have cast a vote in opposition,” the candidate explained on Thursday. “For years I’ve been a critic of these kinds of reckless, foreign invasions and interventions that have been a hallmark of trigger-happy Hillary and her failed career.”

Source: The Hill
Photo: YouTube

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