Ted Cruz Rails Against Gun Control, But He May Have Bolstered The Argument For It

Bad people do bad things. That’s been readily apparent in recent times, as there have been a wave of horrifying incidents across our nation in rapid succession. The horrific mass shooting in Las Vegas was followed by an act of terror in New York City, and both incidents claimed scores of victims and left many more injured. That’s more than enough trauma for the nation as a whole to have to deal with, but another item was added to the list over the weekend.

A deranged and armed man walked into a church in a small town in Texas. He opened fire and killed many while injuring plenty more. A whole lot of questions remain about the incident itself, but the bottom line is that it’s another senseless tragedy. But was this one avoidable? That’s one of the arguments going around, as the debate over gun control has reared its head yet again. The Texas shooter had a checkered past and had no business being around weapons. As such, gun control advocates are claiming that stricter laws would have prevented this from happening.

However, closer inspection reveals that the laws on the books should have prevented him from purchasing weapons - but they didn’t. A paperwork error led to this man having a green light to purchase what he wanted to. If those balls weren’t dropped, he may not have been successful in acquiring firearms. Even if they weren’t, would he have really been prevented from getting his hands on weapons through any means necessary? That’s the other side of the argument that’s being bandied about, and there are no simple answers.

For example, the way that Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) responded to questions about gun control raised some eyebrows. While he’s against it, he may have made an argument that supports it while he was making his point. As Vox shares, Cruz inspired even more questions with what he had to say during an appearance on CNN.

“Evil is evil is evil, and will use the weaponry that is available,” he said.

Gun control advocates were quick to pounce and claim that Cruz was making the argument for them. As they see it, stricter laws will prevent these incidents from happening. But would they really? Common sense suggests that it wouldn’t. If a person is deranged enough to want to inflict as much damage as possible on as many people as possible, is the fact that it may be illegal to purchase the weapon he or she wants to use going to prevent them?

There’s a fantastic chance that it wouldn’t. That person would head to the so-called black market and find what he’s looking for, and there’s not much we can all do to stop that. To wit, bad people do bad things, and mass shooters and terrorists certainly fall into that category. In the wake of the NYC terror incident, there were no calls to ban large trucks from being rented out to people. Why not? Because taking such a step would not prevent another event of that kind from taking place.

Either way, the gun control debate will not be going away anytime soon. Somewhere in the middle of both sides of the argument is a common-sense solution that works for everyone. Here’s to hoping we get there.

Source: Vox
Photo: YouTube

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