Stephen Baldwin: Even Alec Will Vote For Trump After Massive Tax Cut Gets Passed

President Donald Trump has scored his largest legislative victory to date. The GOP-controlled Congress has passed a tax cut plan aimed at stimulating the economy even further, and American workers can expect to see fatter paychecks starting in February as a result. As always, reaction has fallen along party lines. Democrats are insisting that the bill is absolutely awful, while Republicans are celebrating as if it’s 1999 all over again.

From a bottom line perspective, the tax cuts will benefit an overwhelming majority of Americans. There will be some adverse impact for those that live in highly-taxed states, but the bill amounts to the best plan that the GOP could come up with that will benefit the largest swath of Americans. Businesses are also in line to receive a nice tax break, and that should go a long way towards further improving the economy as a whole.

While Democrats are insisting that the bill is a bad thing, many observers are having a tough time wrapping their heads around how it could be. We can add actor Stephen Baldwin to the list. He’s so confident that the tax plan is a win, he even thinks it will win over his brother Alec. As the New York Daily News shares, the Trump supporter even thinks his brother will vote for Trump in 2020 as a result.

"There's a large constituency in Hollywood who voted for Trump but will never admit to that. And I'm calling it now: With the amount of money Alec is going to make with this new tax cut I bet he votes for Trump for re-election. Just saying!" he said.

Stephen acknowledges that he hasn’t spoken to his brother of late, but it’s unclear if that’s solely due to the fact that they are on different sides of the aisle.

“I can’t get into it. I haven’t spoken to [Alec] since the election. That’s the truth,” Stephen said. “That is by his choice. We grew up in a dumb-jock, competitive, ‘Friday Night Lights’ kind of environment.”

In addition to delivering a blistering impersonation of the commander-in-chief on NBC’s ‘Saturday Night Live, Alec has publicly spoken out about his opposition to Trump on a number of occasions.

"I think the Trump voters have far more important things to put their focus on (than SNL). And their inability to put their focus on that is their problem to deal with, and that is that Trump has betrayed nearly every promise he has made to them,” he said. “The tax bill is just the most recent example of how Trump just continues to betray the middle class in this country and his supporters."

He’s previously explained that Trump has sold his supporters a faulty bill of goods, and he believes that will eventually blow up on him.

"Listen, these people were sold one thing. They were kind of sold that Trump was this can-do, crack executive that he portrayed on a reality show for many years,” Alec said. “But what they were really sold on was to really hate Hillary Clinton. The vote for Trump was to express your hatred."

Since Christmas is right around the corner, we’ll hold out hope that the Baldwin brothers can put their differences aside and realize that political disagreements aren’t the end of the world. As for the tax plan itself, we’re also having a hard time seeing how larger paychecks and bigger refunds for the overwhelming majority of Americans is a bad thing.

Source: NY Daily News, Fox News
Photo: WireImage, YouTube

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