Scarborough Gives Trump A Brand New Title - And He's Not Happy About It

Joe Scarborough, the controversial co-host of MSNBC’s ‘Morning Joe’, has returned to his notorious morning show after taking a short vacation. However, the news that Scarborough, a vocal critic of President Trump, would be returning to ‘Morning Joe’ a day earlier than expected has received a mixed response.

Because he was still in Maine on holiday with co-host and fiancé, Mika Brzezinski, Scarborough appeared on ‘Morning Joe’ via video link. Unsurprisingly, the main topic of discussion was President Trump’s shocking comments after the Charlottesville tragedy. In a lengthy rant, Scarborough savaged the Commander-in-Chief for his disjointed and contradictory condemnation of “violence on both sides” at the white supremacist rally. “He has now officially become the president of the white nationalist movement. The president has chosen sides, and it is very clear. Not only morally, but also politically,” railed Scarborough.

Initially, the outspoken host was asking more questions than he was answering, saying: “He has chosen the wrong side. It is now up to the rest of us to figure out why he did that exactly. Is he just a bigot or racist? And what we're going to do about it.” Taking a pause from his personal lambasting of President Trump, Scarborough referred to comments made by Nicolle Wallace, the White House Communications Director under former President George W. Bush.

After President Trump’s Charlottesville statements, Wallace targeted the entire Trump Administration, saying: “If they don’t resign en masse this morning, they’re forever tainted with the stench of what he did yesterday. The ship has long sailed where any one of them can justify to outside audiences that they stay because the threats to our nation are so grave.” Wallace also accused President Trump of giving “safe harbor to Nazis, to white supremacists…hideous, hateful enemies of America, enemies of freedom and there were people exercising their free speech, but he’s a disgrace.”

Afterwards, Scarborough continued to steamroll the president for his latest comments about Charlottesville, accusing him of ignoring the advice of his staff: “It's really important for people to understand that are just waking up this morning that may not have seen everything that happened. His own staff members were lied to yesterday as they went down there…And he just went on this wild tirade.”

Continuing his extraordinary tirade, Morning Joe pointed out that Trump’s comments haven’t just been censured by so called ‘Fake News’, Liberal or Democrats, citing the condemnation from Marco Rubio, Ben Sasse and Cory Gardner, three key GOP Senators. “And it really is despicable, and I think the most telling thing is the reaction. The reaction has been harsh from across America but from across the world,” he added.

“Of course, not so strange is the fact that [former Imperial Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan] David Duke and other white nationalists are praising the president of the United States yesterday for his words, and why not? David Duke saying thank you, Mr. President, for your courage to tell the truth about Charlottesville,” ended a furious Scarborough.

Source: Daily Mail
Photo: MSNBC, Flickr

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