It Might Be Time To Say Goodbye To Trump - President Implicated In Disturbing Scheme

The waters continue to grow murkier for the Trump administration. The man that has drawn the most attention to the phenomenon known as ‘fake news’ has had his name dragged into a lawsuit that alleges he may have had a hand in advancing a false narrative. Rod Wheeler is a former Fox News contributor that has filed suit against the network, and the initial filing contains some explosive allegations. As the Daily Mail shares, the suit claims that President Donald Trump worked in tandem with Fox News to advance a scandalous story.

The story revolved around the unsolved murder of DNC staffer Seth Rich. Conspiracy theorists have alleged that Rich was essentially taken out by a hitman due to the fact that he provided sensitive information to Wikileaks. Those claims have never been proven, but the story still has legs under it. Fox News ran with it a few months back, and the network was forced to retract it after receiving backlash.

Wheeler’s suit against the network contains a number of salacious tidbits, and he alleges that quotes attributed to him were completely fabricated.

“The motivation behind the article: establish that Seth Rich provided WikiLeaks with the DNC emails to shift the blame from Russia and help put to bed speculation that President Trump colluded with Russia in an attempt to influence the outcome of the Presidential election,” the suit reads in part.

A text message purported to be from wealthy GOP donor Ed Butowsky.

“Not to add any more pressure but the president just read the article. He wants the article out immediately. It's now all up to you. But don't feel the pressure,” the message reads.

Jay Wallace, the president of the network, quickly pounced on the suit’s claims as baseless.

“The accusation that published Malia Zimmerman’s story to help detract from coverage of the Russia collusion issue is completely erroneous. The retraction of this story is still being investigated internally and we have no evidence that Rod Wheeler was misquoted by Zimmerman,” he said. “Additionally, Fox News vehemently denies the race discrimination claims in the lawsuit - the dispute between Zimmerman and Rod Wheeler has nothing to do with race.”

Swift response from Fox aside, the allegations from the suit are eye-popping, to say the least.

“Butowsky and Zimmerman hoped that, if Mr. Wheeler could confirm that Seth Rich leaked the DNC emails to WikiLeaks, that would debunk reports the Russians were responsible for the DNC hacks,” the suit reads in part. “In turn, Butowsky and Zimmerman hoped that, if Mr. Wheeler could shift the blame for the DNC hacks from the Russians to Seth Rich, this would undermine reports of collusion between Russia and the Trump Administration.”

We’ll have to wait and see how this one plays out. If the suit actually makes it to court, then there may be some merit to Wheeler’s claims. If it’s dismissed as a publicity stunt to advance his personal profile, then we can expect that to be uncovered pretty quickly. Regardless. it’s an incredibly bad look for Trump, Fox News, and the White House, and there could be some serious problems down the road if there’s any merit to the suit.

Source: Daily Mail
Photo: YouTube

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