Russian Scandal Investigators Wanted To Create Anti-Trump ‘Secret Society’

Two former members of the legal team investigating the Russian election-meddling controversy envisioned the formation of a “secret society” to oppose President Trump’s agenda if he got elected.

The revelation came with the recent release of text messages written during the 2016 presidential campaign by former FBI agent Peter Strzok and lawyer Lisa Page, who reportedly were in a romantic relationship. Justice Department special counsel Robert Mueller hired them to work on the Russian probe, but both stepped down after their political leanings became known.

Critics of Mueller, who is trying to determine whether the Trump campaign colluded with Russia to interfere in the election, are citing the texts as evidence that the investigation has been biased against the president, who continues to insist that there was “no collusion” to defeat Hillary Clinton.

“We learned today about information that in the immediate aftermath of (the) election that there may have been a secret society of folks within the Department of Justice and the FBI to include Page and Strzok that would be working against him,” Republican Congressman Rep. John Ratcliffe of Texas told Fox News on Monday. “I’m not saying that actually happened, but when folks speak in those terms, they need to come forward to explain the context with which they used those terms.”

Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., appeared on the same news show. “The day after the election, the day after what they really, really didn’t want to have happen, there’s a text exchange between them … saying, ‘Perhaps this is the first meeting of the secret society,’” he remarked.

“So, of course, I’m going to want to know what secret society are you talking about because you’re supposed to be investigating objectively the person who just won the Electoral College. So yeah — I‘m going to want to know.”

The messages mentioning a “secret society” were among 384 pages of texts between Strzok and Page that authorities turned over to the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs last week. The FBI agent and lawyer indicated that they, as well as former Attorney General Loretta Lynch, knew ahead of time that the FBI would not recommend criminal charges against Clinton.

James Comey, the bureau’s director at the time, announced during the campaign that there was insufficient evidence to prosecute the former secretary of state for her use of a private email server.

Last weekend, the FBI acknowledged that it had “failed to preserve” five months of the text messages between Strzok and Page. The time period began during the transition from former President Obama to Trump, and ended on the day the Justice Department appointed Mueller as the special counsel.

“We will leave no stone unturned to confirm with certainty why these text messages are not now available to be produced, and will use every technology available to determine whether the missing messages are recoverable from another source,” Attorney General Jeff Sessions declared in a written statement, according to The Washington Post.

The Daily Mail reported that Trump has accused Strzok and Page of “treason.” On Tuesday, he tweeted: “In one of the biggest stories in a long time, the FBI now says it is missing five months worth of lovers Strzok-Page texts, perhaps 50,000, and all in prime time. Wow!”
Source: The Blaze
Photo: Dailymail

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