Restaurant Owner Promises To Get Counseling After Comments About NFL Players

A lot of former NFL fans are frustrated by their favorite teams allowing protests of the National Anthem to happen on the field. People have taken to their yards to burn their team jerseys, jackets, hats and memorabilia.

The former fans say that they have as much of a right to express themselves by protesting the players and the league as people in the NFL have the right to protest the flag.

While this is true, there is always someone that takes things a little too far.

A Wisconsin restaurant owner posted a Facebook post and went a bit overboard in his criticism of the NFL players who have opted to 'take a knee' in protest of the 'Star-Spangled Banner'. John Valko, a co-owner of Reefpoint Brew House in Racine, Wisconsin, wrote that he thought players who kneel should die.

"Kill the idiot players," Valko ranted. "Execute them. They are nothing but garbage. The league is screwed up if they think it is their right. It is their duty to respect our country and our flag."

Valko continued, "They should go kneel in front of a freight train. Shame on these stupid misfits of society. They need to die."

Tom Landremann, Patti Landreman and Meagan Bennett, co-owners of the restaurant, quickly posted their own statement. They wanted people to understand in no uncertain terms that they disagree with their business partner.

"We Co-owners of Reefpoint Brew House do NOT support John Valko's statements and comments made by him on his personal page or pages of others," they wrote. "He is not the voice of Reefpoint Brew House or us. We are working hard internally to move forward and protect our selves, our business, and most importantly the 80+ staff members and their families livelihood."

Valko deleted his post, but what's on the internet stays on the internet. The post had already started going viral and someone took a screenshot of the vitriol.

Valko later issued an apology after he was condemned for the violent language in his post. He apologized to everyone offended by his language, including his co-workers.

"Today, I offer up my sincerest apology to every person, near and far, my wife, my family, my friends, Tom Landreman, Patti Landreman, Meagan Bennett and all the employees of the restaurant that have been hurt by words I used," Valko wrote. "Those words should be condemned. I apologize to every person of every race, religion, creed, etc. that I have insulted, upset, ticked off or hurt because of the words I choose to use in this Facebook Post."

The restaurant owner says that the outburst wasn't about race, but about respecting the country.

"I accept responsibility for these comments. I was wrong to have even let a thought such as this be put into text and I am ashamed," he concluded, noting that he would be 'stepping aside' from the business.

Valko also said in his post that he planned to get counseling over the outburst.

Source: Daily Mail
Photos: Reefpoint Brew House/Facebook, Heavy, Keith Allison/Wikimedia, Google Maps

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