Report Claims POTUS Upset With Ivanka Over Recent Comments

Now that Thanksgiving 2017 is in the books, it’s a good time to remind ourselves that all families can have their squabbles from time to time. While many families are fortunate enough to get through gatherings without old wounds being reopened - or new ones being formed - other folks aren’t as lucky. For some folks, family drama comes with the territory, and they hold out hope that they’ll make it through relatively unscathed.

Either way, disagreements are going to come up - even with the ones that you love. As with everything else in life, it all comes down to how you deal with things. Talking things through and not letting them fester is one tried and true way to make sure that those disagreements don’t turn into permanent scars, but not everyone is either willing or able to take that step.

Those that fall into that category tend to spend an inordinate amount of time discussing their gripes with others, which makes it all the more puzzling why they can’t spend time discussing it with the target of their angst. This scenario plays out all the time, and a new report claims that it’s going on behind the scenes at the White House right about now. As AOL shares, President Donald Trump and Ivanka Trump are reportedly at odds over something rather simple.

The disagreement surrounds the scandal involving Alabama Senate GOP candidate Roy Moore, which has been absolutely dominating the political news cycle. Moore is an outsider in political circles, and his candidacy is under attack as a number of sexual misconduct allegations have been brought to light. He’s vehemently denied them, but the alarming number of allegations could very well cause him to lose the election if he doesn’t drop out.

The allegations have followed the same pattern: when Moore was in his 30s, he pursued a number of sexual relationships with teenage girls. The seat he is fighting for is in a historically red state, and it could swing the balance of power in the Senate if he loses to the Democratic challenger. Moore’s team is well aware of this, and they’ve continually claimed that he’s the victim of a hit job by the liberal press and members of the political establishment.

Anyone and everyone in the world of politics has been asked for commentary on the allegations, as the press smells blood in the water. Ivanka was asked for her thoughts by the Associated Press, and she offered up a rather succinct reply.

“There’s a special place in hell for people who prey on children,” she said.

The president has not offered up too much detail on the Moore scandal one way or the other, but he has pointed out that Moore has denied the allegations, and that it would be bad news for the GOP if they lost control of a key seat. Behind the scenes, a report from the New York Times claims that he’s ticked off by his daughter’s commentary.

“Do you believe this?” Trump reportedly said to aides in his office.

We’ll have to wait and see if daddy and daughter can sit down and hash things out before the rift gets too wide. We’re going to go out on a limb and suggest that any aide that gets an indication one way or the other won’t be shy about phoning up one of their buddies in the press to spill the beans.

Source: AOL
Photo: YouTube

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