President Obama's Approval Ratings Rise While On The Campaign Trail For Clinton

President Obama, whose approval rating is soaring, could be Hillary Clinton’s most powerful ally as she enters the final weeks of her campaign.

According to Business Insider, a CNN/ORC national poll released Thursday indicated that 55 percent of voters (including 56 percent of independents) had a positive opinion of Obama’s job performance. He has not enjoyed such popularity since the end of 2009. Last fall, the president’s approval rating was just 45 percent.

During the mid-term election campaign of 2014, few Democratic congressional candidates wanted Obama to speak on their behalf because a majority of voters viewed him unfavorably. This year, the situation is dramatically different, with Clinton encouraging the president to hit the campaign trail in support of her candidacy.

“Obama is the single most effective surrogate she has, and I can’t remember a time when an incumbent president this popular campaigned this hard for his party’s nominee,” Jon Favreau, who formerly served as Obama’s chief speechwriter, told Business Insider.

“(The president) is the most popular Democrat in the country, and as his term comes toward an end, the intensity of love for him only grows,” said Steve Schale, who directed Obama’s campaign in Florida. “‘Elect Hillary to protect President Obama’s legacy’ is a very powerful message for Democrats.”

Andrew Dugan and Frank Newport of the Gallup poll wrote earlier this year that a major reason for Obama’s growing popularity has been the rise of Donald Trump.

Source: Business Insider
Photo: LBJ Library/Flickr

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