People Are Outraged Over This Trump Family Photo (Photo)

Donald Trump Jr., Eric Trump, their spouses, Ivanka Trump and all of their children decided to hit the slopes in Aspen this week for spring break. With more than 100 Secret Service members on the job to keep them safe, many are wondering just how much the Trump family's travel habits are going to cost the American public in four to eight years.

According to the Aspen Times, the family and their security detail arrived last weekend and planned to stay for an entire week. Chaos broke out as protesters took to the streets with signs, a common occurrence wherever Trumps may go these days.

Other vacationers were unhappy about the intrusion. Between Trumps, security and protesters, quite a number of people trying to enjoy their own vacation plans felt put out.

“They’re everywhere. There are so many of them,” said one vacationer to Vanity Fair. “Everyone is complaining. Everyone is annoyed.”

People who couldn't go to Aspen to protest were with protesters in spirit. They took to social media to voice their criticism.

"The Trump's continue to waste taxpayer's money for weekend golf trips, Trump Towers, Aspen vacation," read one tweet.

"IT MUST BE TIRING SCREWING THE AMERICAN PUBLIC - daddy trump needs to play golf wkly - the kids need a little R&R too - so its off to ASPEN," read another.

"Are you as disgusted as I am about paying for *45's kids and their families to ski in Aspen this weekend?" said yet another tweet in response.

Between the Trump kids and their travel, the President's frequent visits to his Florida estate and golf course, and Melania and Barron Trump continuing to live in New York City, the Trump family is already raking up an outrageous bill for taxpayers. Trump was a very vocal critic of President Obama's $12 million dollar per year vacation habits. He might want to put his money where his mouth is, and look at what his own family is costing.

Source: Huffington Post
Photo: Instagram via Mail Online

It is a tough one to swallow when there are so many people without the option to do anything like this.

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