Pence’s Lookalike Brother Aims For VP’s Old Congressional Seat

Mike Pence's brother has come under fire for saying his brother used to be 'full of s**t' in an interview with the New Yorker. According to Newsweek, his brother Greg Pence actually said “Mike burned a lot of bridges. He upset a lot of his backers. It was partly because of immaturity, but he really was kind of full of shit.” The older brother recently filed papers indicating he would be running for Congress.

Voters in Indiana may see a familiar name on the Congressional ballot in the near future. In fact, they may be doing a double take if that candidate actually hits the trail. Greg Pence, the lookalike brother of Vice President Mike Pence, has his sights set on his brother’s former seat. As the Daily Mail shares, he has even taken the step of forming the Greg Pence for Congress Committee.

Greg used to run the family’s defunct chain of Tobacco Road convenience stores. He’s previously noted that he has been courted to run for a seat in the district, which is an overwhelmingly Republican stretch in central and southeastern Indiana.

“He's a community leader, he's been involved in this community, he's obviously got good name ID. I think all those things are positive,” according to Bob Grand, a major Republican fundraiser and powerbroker in Indiana politics.

Not everyone sees it that way. Jonathan Lamb, another candidate in the GOP primary, thinks it’s time for some fresh names and faces.

“They are trying to anoint someone because of his last name. That's the epitome of the good old boys' club,” he said. “I think we're all proud to have a Hoosier that's steps away from the president, but that doesn't necessarily make Mike Pence's brother qualified to be a congressman.”

Some shade has also been thrown into Greg’s direction due to the struggles of the family business under his watch.

According to MailOnline, Greg inherited Kiel Brothers Oil Co., from his father. A chain of convenience stores that were operated under the company, named Tobacco Road, would go bankrupt in 2004 while under Greg Pence's supervision. According to 2006 tax filings, that loss would cost Mike Pence $673,000.

Democratic Party Chairman John Zody is pouncing on the fact that another Pence is running, and he seems to believe that voters will think twice before looking in Greg’s direction.

Democrats couldn't wait to take their aim at Greg Pence. Quickly they tied him to his brother, claiming he too was in favor of a 2015 law which promoted discrimination against gay people. This law would eventually be overturned following national backlash and threats of boycotts, according to MailOnline.

“If you thought one Pence was damaging enough to our state's economy, wait until you see what a second can do,” he said. “Voters must hope that he doesn't represent a second helping of that harm.”

In any event, Greg has the name recognition to mount a successful bid, and we would assume that the state GOP will be throwing its support behind him. His brother is a relatively popular vice president - especially when you consider the backlash that constantly heads in the direction of President Donald Trump - and the VP has presented himself quite well on the national stage. Critics that disagree politically are quick to throw shade in his direction, but the Pence name has become quite a force in Republican circles, which bodes well for his lookalike brother’s chances.

Source: MailOnline,Newsweek
Photo: YouTube

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