Michelle Obama Hit With Bad News After Returning Home From Vacation

Former First Lady Michelle Obama devoted her eight years in the White House to trying to improve nutrition for children. She initiated the Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010, which was meant to improve school lunch standards so that students would be getting a more balanced diet at an affordable cost. In an age when childhood obesity and obesity-related diseases like type 2 diabetes have reached epidemic proportions, it seemed to be a noble cause. At least her intentions were good.

No sooner did Mrs. Obama leave the White House, the Trump administration took aim at her landmark legacy legislation. Before her eyes, it's being unraveled, much to the relief of school kids and cafeteria workers across America.

While Mrs. Obama certainly had a good plan in theory, it was executed horribly. The rigorous school lunch guidelines tightened like a noose around school administrators and cafeteria workers. Instead of improving the quality of the food, the act blew out the cost and resulted in an obscene amount of waste.

The waste was a result of kids being so repulsed by the kind of food they were being served that most of it ended up in the garbage. "Had a very #healthylunch today. The apple definitely made up for the "mystery mush" #ThanksMichelleObama," tweeted one student, along with a photo of some kind of slop that resembled burnt, chunky baby food.

When you can't identify what is on your plate, it really doesn't matter how 'healthy' it measures on a scale; it's revolting.

The tweet is just an example of the thousands of pictures of disgusting looking lunches. Mrs. Obama wanted to fight childhood obesity, but surely this was not what she had in mind.

Republicans in the House and Senate are working to roll back the act under President Donald Trump's 100-day plan. School kids look forward to enjoying a midday meal hey can recognize again.

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