Michelle Obama Blasted For Remarks On Female Trump Voters

There was a time when the book of good manners suggested that others beliefs should be respected - even when you don’t agree with them. While there are folks out there that still hold that principle near and dear, they’re becoming fewer and fewer. That’s truly unfortunate, and it’s largely what’s led to the deterioration of the national discourse. Somewhere along the way, it became fashionable to draw a line in the sand and act as if someone that disagrees with you on a political issue is an affront to society as a whole.

There are examples all over the place to back that up. One look at social media or television programs that subscribe to a specific narrative tells you all you need to know about that. There’s absolutely no wiggle room in the eyes of some folks. If you’re against them, you’re an unconscionable human being. Based on the fact that our society has evolved in impressive fashion since the beginning of time, it’s both heartbreaking and mind-blowing to witness. Thankfully, there are some folks that are able to remain grounded in the face of all of that. The former First Lady of the United States has just demonstrated that she’s not one of them.

As AOL shares, Michelle Obama was participating in a chat at a tech conference in Boston recently. As you would expect, the topic of politics was front and center, and she felt the need to drop this doozy.

"Any woman who voted against Hillary Clinton voted against their own voice," she said.

Really? That’s a sentiment that we would expect to be thrown around on social media or by an out of touch elitist, but we certainly wouldn’t expect such a remark from the former FLOTUS. It’s equal parts divisive, judgemental, and unsettling. Many commenters were none too pleased with her take.

“She said if your a female and voted for Trump you lost your voice. Every female Trump voter should be appalled at that. Unreal,” shared one user.

“So by Michelle's logic, each and every female Trump voter has no voice of their own. Noo, that's not an elitist nor demeaning thing to say,” added another commenter.

“FYI lady, I've got AAS, Bachelor of Science, BA, & NOW working towards my MBA. I'm a PRESIDENT TRUMP VOTER & SUPPORTER,” wrote another user.

“This was not a wise move/decision by @MichelleObama. Period. NEVER go after the voter, nothing good can come from it,” chimed in another commenter.

Who people choose to vote for is a personal choice. That simple fact has existed without requiring an explanation for quite a long time, but there seems to be a serious need for a refresher. Exactly how does insulting an entire gender that may have voted for the commander-in-chief bring people together? Is this an example of going high while everyone else is going low?

Actually, it’s the opposite. Michelle is a private citizen these days. She’s certainly entitled to her own opinions, but it’s not unreasonable to expect a whole lot more from her. She dropped the ball horribly here, and this is not a comment that you can stuff back into the cookie jar so easily.

Source: AOL, Fox News, Fox News Insider
Photo: YouTube

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