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Linda Tripp Says She Exposed Clinton Affair To Protect Lewinsky From 'Sexual Predator'

Former White House aide Linda Tripp was once dubbed the ‘most hated woman in America.’ Tripp helped to expose the fact that former President Bill Clinton was having an affair with White House intern Monica Lewinsky, and she used some secretly taped conversations to do it.

Since the never-ending stream of sex-related scandals shows no signs of subsiding anytime soon, some closer examination has been given to scandals of the past. Specifically, there’s a ton of observers wondering how Clinton would be treated in the current environment.

As the Daily Mail shares, Tripp recently offered up some perspective on the Clinton scandal, as well as her reasoning for exposing it as she did. She was vilified by the press, but hindsight isn’t giving her all that much pause. In fact, it sounds like she would do it again.

“Monica was so obsessed that there was absolutely no possibility of changing that. She believed that they would grow old together,” Tripp explained. “She believed that the 15 minute interludes [of oral sex] was all he could spare and Hillary was still hanging around so she hoped that she would somehow disappear. It was all fantasy.”

Tripp got to know Lewinsky rather well, and she earned her confidence before ultimately recording their conversations.

“At first I found her a little on the bimbo side but I came to realize that none of that is true. She is a smart, witty, caring, giving person who happened to be in the throes of an enormous obsession. I became fond of her and it pained me to do what I did. But I knew I had to do it,” Tripp continued. “I desperately wanted there to be some accountability for what he was doing.”

Tripp remains no fan of Clinton, and she pulls no punches when offering up her assessment of the former commander-in-chief.

“To me he is a predator and always will be a predator. He sees women as a sort of enormous smorgasbord…and he takes what he wants and it's something to which he feels entitled,” Tripp added.

“He was the leader of the free world and she was an intern, a kid, who happened to be extremely emotionally young for her age.”

As for Lewinsky, Tripp’s only regret is that the former intern's life was forever altered as a result of the scandal.

“I wish that her name didn't conjure an image that is so false. But she wanted to protect the President because she thought they might still have a future,” Tripp said.

“She believed they were star struck lovers. I think she needed to believe that. My hope was that one day, when she grew up, she would understand that that in fact was not true and that maybe, just maybe, I did this for the right reason.”

It’s unclear if Lewinsky does, in fact, realize that or not. As for Tripp, she lives a quiet life in Northern Virginia with her second husband, and the pair runs a successful year-round Christmas store.

Source: Daily Mail
Photo: YouTube, MailOnline

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