Kasich Wants Both Parties To Spend More Time On One Thing - Figuring Out Economy

There’s all sorts of different opinions about what the focus should be for our political leaders. There’s an argument to be made for topics such as health care and social justice issues, but a strong case can also be made for national security or the environment. While each one of those topics will generate a whole host of arguments, there’s one topic that the majority of voters can get behind and push as more of a focus. That would be the economy.

As CNN shares, Ohio Gov. John Kasich touched on that and a number of issues during an appearance on the network’s ‘State of the Union'. Kasich threw his hat in the ring for an unsuccessful presidential bid last time around, but he continues to have a voice within the Republican Party. He called out both parties during his interview with host Dana Bash, and he pointed out a number of problems that seem to be flying under the radar.

"Both parties ought to be worried about poor people because I don't think either party particularly cares about helping poor people," he said. “You look at the rates of poverty, the problems in this country. We have not designed a system to get people work. Everything we're talking about now - getting people healthy, giving them health care - is designed to get them to work. It's designed to give them an opportunity to have a better life."

As Kasich sees it, things such as the above do not receive enough attention, and that’s partially due to the infighting on both sides of the aisle.

"And maybe this is a signal that instead of people just confessing their loyalty to one party or the other, maybe they ought to be confessing their loyalty to the country," he continued.

That’s a fair point. While politics have always been inherently partisan, it seems to be even more so in today’s day and age. There’s an overwhelming mentality of ‘you’re either with us, or against us’ on both sides, and that doesn’t lead to an environment that’s conducive to finding real solutions.

"I don't think we have enough leadership. I think too many people cower, you know, in the wings because of partisanship. Not just Republicans; Democrats as well. If you try to get a great number of governors, Republican or Democrat, to speak out on this, where are they?” Kasich added. “All you hear are crickets and chirping because they're, they're worried about upsetting their base."

Kasich is on the money. The instances in which a politician stands up against his own party are few and far between, but there are a few chinks in the armor on both sides. On the Left, there are some voices that are growing tired of devoting all of their efforts to obstructing Trump. On the Right, the repeal and replacement of Obamacare has not been the picnic that GOP leaders thought it may be.

The economy is a great place for everyone to meet in the middle, and there’s plenty of different ways it can be attacked. Perhaps if the politicians put their pitchforks down long enough to come to the table like big boys and girls, we can start seeing some real solutions that benefit the country as a whole.

Source: CNN
Photo: CNN Screenshot

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