Ivanka Trump's Forgotten Modeling Career Reenters Spotlight

Some folks hit the proverbial jackpot when they enter the real world. They know exactly what they want to do with the rest of their lives, and they quickly lay the foundation for how they can get there.

Along the way, various successes will be achieved as they continue striving for their ultimate goal: to be a smashing success while doing what they love. Other folks aren’t as fortunate.

There’s plenty of people out there that enter that big old scary real world with nary a clue on what they really want to be when they officially grow up. As such, they may try some different things in a bid to find their niche.

Some folks spend a lot of time searching, while others are more fortunate. After a few misfires, they latch onto what they want to do and proceed to make things happen.

These same scenarios play out amongst the jet-set crowd as well. While children of means are fortunate enough to have a lot of different options presented to them, that doesn’t mean that all of them latch onto their passions right away.

They may even spend some time trying some different things, and those things may turn out to be not for them. Such was the case with Ivanka Trump in her younger days, and one of her attempts at finding her passion in life has come back to the spotlight.

As AOL shares, a whole crop of modeling photos from Ivanka’s younger days have been making the rounds, and they’ve sparked quite a conversation. As a member of the aforementioned jet-set crowd, Ivanka clearly had a head start on things.

However, you have to bring more to the table than just a famous last name to succeed in that line of work. Ivanka is also fortunate enough to have the looks that mesh well with the modeling world, so you can certainly see how it made perfect sense for her to give it a whirl.

Back in the late 1990’s, the then-teenage daughter of the future president traveled the world to walk the runways for brands such as Vivienne Westwood and Thierry Mugler. She would even go on to sign with a major modeling agency and held her own, but she ultimately decided it wasn’t for her.

There’s plenty of photographic evidence out there that shows she could certainly pull it off, but there’s also a good amount of unflattering snaps that don’t paint her in the best possible light.

Either way, Ivanka eventually came to the conclusion that her talents would be best used elsewhere. It’s not easy to change course, especially when you have a relatively high profile, but Ivanka has been able to pull it off.

She’s obviously been a part of the Trump Organization as a whole, but she’s also been able to launch her own side businesses under that umbrella that have achieved various modicums of success. Fast forward to today, and she’s a bit tied up with the mom thing, as well as serving an unspecified role in her father’s White House.

Source: AOL, The Sun
Photos: Ivanka Trump/Instagram, YouTubes

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