Ivanka Trump Tweets New Year's Resolution - Gets Backlash, Naturally

It's just a given at this point. It's become a tedious routine for Twitter activists who routinely troll the Trump family accounts to pick apart every single post and spin it into an insult. There is nothing a Trump can tweet that can't be used to lash out at them.

In the latest Tweet, First Daughter Ivanka Trump linked to an article and made a quick mention that it would be a good New Year's resolution. What followed was entirely expected.

"New Year resolution, sleep more," Trump tweeted. The tweet was in reference to an article published by USA Today, entitled, 'Here's why sleep deprivation is toxic and will eventually kill you.'

According to the article, "Sleep is one of the most important things we overlook, because most of us don’t consider it vital."

It reports that scientists have discovered that sleep deprivation causes the brain of animals to grow smaller. Fewer toxins are expelled in the brain with lack of sleep and the more these toxins build up, the more quickly the kill us. It's some scary stuff.

Trump apparently agreed, but some people didn't think she had a right to worry about sleep deprivation.

"Sorry I'm working two jobs," tweeted one person.

"I bet the Chinese kids who make your shoes wish they could get more sleep," said another.

"Don't you have a job? Oh... I forgot... Daddy's money will take care of you! I'll bet you've never worked a day in your life! Crawl back into your hole!" said another.

Others encouraged Ivanka to get more sleep.

"Sleep all the time! Hurt the country less," one person responded.

"Should be easy for you despite having a job you don't have any duties," one person said.

“Sweet dreams, Princess, while the CHIP children lose healthcare?” a tweet read.

One person ripped into Ivanka while enjoying Twitter’s new extended character limit.

“Tell me again what do you actually do for our government besides travel on the taxpayers’ buck? It appears your daddy has sunk your husband’s ability to be a miracle worker by bringing peace to the Middle East. I think the American taxpayer would be happy to keep u2 at home.”

Of course, some turned the Tweets to lash out at President Donald Trump.

"Ivanka, if this is Twitter-trolling your dad, you should also add eat fewer Big Macs, less KFC, and watch less Fox News. Oh and stop disparaging American intelligence agencies and being a Russian agent," replied one person.

"Maybe when your #a--hat dad is no longer in office, we can all sleep more. Otherwise, for those of us who can't afford health insurance, food on the table, it's off to work we go. And then work again. And work from home, as well," said another.

Still others expressed their hopes that one day the Trumps will be behind bars.

“Your dad is either sleeping on the job or golfing. It doesn’t matter though because you all will be in jail soon. Happy New Year!” said one person.

“You can actually get a *lot* of sleep in prison. Millions of us hope you'll check it out,” said another.

It seems the resolution, and the advice in the article, are lost on Twitter users who love to hate on Trump. They’ll never give it a rest.

Source: Newsmax
Photo: Michael Vadon/Flickr, Ivanka Trump/Twitter, YouTube

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