Hypocritical? In 2008 Obama’s Campaign Team Had Discussions With Iran

The double-standard of the mainstream media continues to rear its ugly head. This time, the big controversial issue revolves around President Trump's adviser having conversations with Russia before the election. Not surprisingly, the same media, politicians and protesters raking the Trump administration over the coals for this are the same ones who completely ignored it when President Obama's advisors talked to Iran and Hamas in 2008 before the election.

Controversy is swirling around Michael Flynn's alleged conversations with Russia, and whether or not he violated the Logan Act. This legislation bars private citizens from negotiating with foreign governments when there are international disputes.

Michael Flynn resigned over the conversations, and the poor choice he made when he chose to lie about them to the Vice President. Liberals in Washington and the media are calling for an investigation. Protesters who have decided to 'resist' Trump no matter what he does are grabbing their protest signs again and calling for impeachment. It's being hailed as a scandal that's rocked the foundation of our democracy.

When a young Senator Obama running for president rocked the foundation of our democracy in the same way, no one cared. Obama's foreign policy advisor Robert Malley got some heat in 2008 when he met with Hamas members, and he stepped down. When Obama was elected, he appointed Malley to the National Security Council, to be a leader in the Middle East. No one raked the hopeful president over the coals.

True, Malley didn't lie about it like Flynn did, but the action was the same.

Likewise, Michael Ledeen, former consultant to the National Security Council and U.S. Defense Department, wrote a column mentioning that President Obama had an advisor talking to Iran back in 2008. Again, nary a lash did flutter and no one cried out 'Logan Act.'

Seems like the only thing rocking the foundation of our democracy are these double-standard partisan politics.

Source: Breitbart
Photo: Breitbart

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