Here's Where Meghan McCain Goes For 'Real News'

Former Fox News contributor Meghan McCain has taken her talents elsewhere, and she can now be found sharing her viewpoints on ABC’s ‘The View.’ During a recent panel discussion about the current news environment, she turned some heads when she revealed where she turns for what she refers to as ‘real news.’ As the Independent Journal Review, it’s not her former employer - or any of the mainstream outlets that dominate the conversation on our shores.

The panel was discussing a recent commercial from CNN in which the network used an apple and a banana to demonstrate that it was an objective news source that viewers could trust. The commercial fell incredibly flat, and the network has received a boatload of criticism for it. Panelist Sara Haines offered up her take.

"I thought it was funny, but there have been times where I used to always go to CNN for like my objective news source, and there have just been times in this heated environment, where I find there’s just a little too much editorializing that wasn’t there before,” she said, later adding that “They’re preaching to the choir. I just think because they’re preaching to the choir it’s just a little below them."

McCain would quickly chime in to explain that the lines between journalism and commentary are nonexistent these days, and many viewers are confused as a result.

“I get so upset when people say, 'you, as a journalist...' I’m like, whoa, whoa, whoa, I’m a conservative commentator. I have a distinct bias. I’m a Republican,” she explained. “There’s a big difference between being a commentator and being a journalist — and the lines are so blurred right now with a lot of activist journalism.”

That’s an incredibly fair point. Many moons ago, those that reported the news didn’t also offer up their opinions on the topic they covered. Fast forward to today, and virtually every talking head does that. Sometimes, it’s blatantly obvious. Other times, it’s an eye roll or a smirk that’s added for unclear reasons. Either way, the days of journalistic objectivity appear to be nothing more than a quaint memory at this point. For McCain, that’s led her to find her news elsewhere.

"All networks have had issues in the past two years, but they’ve had to fire three journalists over a story connecting Anthony Scaramucci to an investment fund. I believe they resigned, excuse me. All networks are having this problem,” she said. “I’ve started watching the BBC to get my news because I just sometimes want the news, and I want to know what’s going on also for policy-wise around the world.”

It’s pretty telling when even someone that’s ‘in the know’ has to look elsewhere to find nothing but the facts. Receiving the actual news from broadcast, cable, or other mainstream outlets has become awfully challenging in the Trump era. There’s such a decidedly anti-Trump slant given to most reporting regarding the president that the facts get lost in the shuffle. As McCain pointed out, there are ways to get around that, but should we really have to be doing that in today’s day and age?

Common sense suggests that the answer is no, as fully functioning adults are able to process facts and form their own opinions without being told how they should feel about them. Perhaps the talking heads and the powers that be behind the scenes will come to terms with that fact before trust in media plummets to irrecoverable depths.

Source: Independent Journal Review
Photo: YouTube

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