Here's How Much The Mueller Investigation Has Cost - So Far

Special Counsel Robert Mueller has been tasked with getting to the bottom on whether or not there was any form of collusion between Russia and President Donald Trump’s campaign during the 2016 election cycle. The result has been more twists and turns than one would find in the average amusement park. There have been a ton of leaks about a whole lot of smoke, but there remains zero evidence of anything resembling a fire.

The investigation is moving along at a snail’s pace to boot, as an inordinate amount of time is being devoted to parsing through every participle imaginable. Along the way, some seriously questionable incidents have been brought to light that call into question the bias and motivations of some rather important folks attached to the investigation itself. Add it all up, and it looks like a giant confusing mess - not to mention a rather expensive one.

As the Daily Mail shares, the tally of the cost of the investigation to date has been released, and it helps to place things further in perspective. According to financial reports released on Tuesday, the investigation has cost $6.7 million so far. The price tag is broken down further, as $3.2 million has been spent by the special counsel’s office, while $3.5 million has been paid out by the Justice Department to support the investigation.

To give taxpayers additional warm and fuzzy feelings about how their hard-earned dollars are being spent, it’s been noted that the money would have been spent anyway, regardless of whether or not a Special Counsel was appointed for this never-ending investigation. If that doesn’t make you feel even the slightest bit better, you are not alone.

The financial disclosure covers the period of May 17 - when Mueller was appointed - through September 30. In short, there’s a lot more expense that we are not aware of as of yet. So where did that $3.2 million for the special counsel’s office go? About $1.7 million went to salaries and benefits, while more than $220,000 went to travel-related expenses. Equipment ate up another $734,000, while rent, communication, and utilities chewed up $363,000.

We get it. It’s an expensive world out there. That said, is it unreasonable to expect more bang for the buck when we’re talking about more than $6 million in taxpayer funds? Even more alarmingly, this doesn’t fully encapsulate the amount of time and resources that have been devoted to the Mueller probe.

While those that are directly on the payroll for this investigation are certainly included, what about all the time that members of Congress have had to devote to sifting through things as well? What about all of the other resources and effort that have been devoted to this probe throughout the nation’s capital?

There’s a ton of additional questions we can put out there in regards to the probe as well, but the financial disclosure is enough to chew over for the time being. Based on the pace that Mueller and company are working at, we can safely expect the tab to keep growing.

Source: Daily Mail
Photo: YouTube

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