Handling Terrorists Is Just Like Parenting According To Donald Trump Jr.

President Donald Trump's son, Donald Jr., spoke at a rally for Republican House candidate Greg Gianforte in Montana last week. During his speech, he praised his father’s bold response to Syria after the country’s president unleashed a brutal chemical attack on his own people, and his line-in-the-sand style of leadership.

“In the last few weeks we’ve found, I think, tomahawk missiles are a lot more effective than red crayons,” said Trump Jr., who has compared a country dealing with terrorists to parents dealing with naughty children.

“While I don’t have a lot of experience dealing with terrorist regimes, I do have five children, which is pretty close,” Trump explained. “And I know that if you draw the red line and they cross it and you don’t follow through, they will keep going. You are training them to walk all over you, and that’s what we’ve done to our enemies.”

Trump was slammed ruthlessly for his choice of metaphor, but the meaning behind it is clear. Former President Barack Obama drew red lines, and did nothing when the enemy stepped over them. Lack of following through is what led to the growth and expansion of terrorist groups.

The metaphor did get a laugh out of the Billings audience at the Friday night Rally. Trump Jr. went on to talk about his father’s convictions and common sense values when it comes to dealing with national security.

“America got its conviction back,” Trump explained. “We’ve taken our place at the helm again as the leaders of the free world. Other countries know that when we say something we mean it. Now, we’re not haphazardly getting into anything, but when we say we’re going to do something. We’re going to follow through.”

“For the last eight years I’ve seen a lot of talk, a lot of sitting on our hands, a lot of doing nothing. A lot of hashtags. A whole lot of hashtags,” Trump said about Washington.

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