Green Party Candidate Jill Stein Hits Back At Media Narrative On Russian Interference

The vast majority of mainstream media outlets spend an inordinate amount of time theorizing about whether or not Russia interfered in the 2016 presidential election. While there have been indications that there may have been some funky stuff going on with political advertising at the hands of the Russians, there has yet to be any evidence that even a single vote was changed due to the alleged interference.

Nonetheless, the theories from the press have been all over the place. Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein’s name has been dragged into things, and she recently responded to what she views as bogus claims.

As Newsmax shares, Stein recently sat for an interview with MSNBC. A photograph of Stein sitting at a table with Russian President Vladimir Putin and former national security adviser Michael Flynn during an event has been making the rounds, and she points out that there’s nothing to see here.

"My campaign paid for the trip, including our airfare, my hotel, or food, all the rest of it. The panel actually took place during the day,” she explained.

“As you know, there are and were during the campaign very critical issues, and high on my agenda was a weapons embargo to the Middle East, freezing the bank accounts of those countries who continue to sponsor terrorism, like Saudi Arabia, and nuclear weapons abolition and climate change."

In short, some observers have interpreted the photograph to mean that Stein was somehow being influenced by the Russians. The theory goes that the only reason Stein was in the race was to steal votes away from Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

"This was a legitimate conference about media and international relations, and my experience at the dinner, you know, the dinner was a nonevent. Vladimir Putin came in very late to the dinner with his entourage that I assumed were his bodyguards. It turns out they were actually his inner circle."

"But you never would have known it because nobody was introduced to anybody. No names were exchanged. And there was no translator,” she continued.

“So I spent the dinner talking to the German diplomat seated to my right. So it was really, you know, there's nothing there in terms of looking at the actual dinner itself."

Despite the absurdity of the claims being levelled against her, Stein acknowledges that there is a need to look into alleged Russian meddling, but she cautions that far too many folks are going over the top in a bid to advance a narrative.

"I'm aware of the potential for overreach and the sensationalizing and the poor media standards, where you get these bombshell stories that turn out not to be true, like the Russians hacked into our energy grid," Stein continued. "These are abysmal journalistic standards."

"There are problems associated with the investigations. The mission of the investigation itself is important and critical and not fully supported. I don't think I'm in the same camp with Donald Trump whatsoever.”

As for the thoughts that Russia’s alleged ad campaign swung the election results wildly, it sounds like we can count Stein in the camp of those that are not buying it.

"One Facebook ad among 11 trillion pieces of information. I think that's not exactly credible or compelling," she noted.

Source: Newsmax
Photo: Gage Skidmore/Flickr, YouTube

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