Gingrich: Jill Stein Is A Political ‘Nut’

Newt Gingrich lashed out at Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein on Tuesday, ridiculing her recently filed a petition for an election recount in Wisconsin.

According to Politico, the former Republican speaker of the House alleged on Fox News that Stein “represents sort of the nut wing of American politics.” He explained: “When the left loses as badly as they have, at every level from local state legislatures to governors to Congress to the presidency, you begin to get this sort of nut fringe showing up.”

Gingrich pointed out that the Hillary Clinton is supporting the recount effort. “I think that tells you how desperate and how disoriented Hillary’s campaign has become, and the whole thing is a joke,” he said, adding later: “The left is in the process right now of sort of spinning out of control, and getting goofier and goofier.”

The former Georgia congressman, who strongly supported Donald Trump’s campaign and continues to advise the president-elect, claimed “there is not a single state in the country, not one, where a recount would allow (Clinton) to win.”

Gingrich also slammed Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison, a Muslim who is one of the leading contenders to become the next chairman of the Democratic National Committee. “The Democrats are in disarray,” the ex-speaker declared.

Source: Politico
Photo: Gage Skidmore/Flickr

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