Fox News Contributor Blasts Obama Over Prisoner Swap For Disgraced Army Sgt.

The mainstream press is incredibly hard on President Donald Trump. While it’s easy to dismiss that sentiment due to the fact that it comes with the territory of being commander-in-chief, the reality is that the standards seem to shift depending on who is occupying the Oval Office. While former President Barack Obama would see things resembling the criticism you would expect a sitting president to receive, he was given a rather large hall pass on some incredibly large things that Trump would be obliterated over.

As Fox News shares, an example of that has come back to the forefront now that former U.S. Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl’s name is back in the news. Back in 2009, Bergdahl was captured by Taliban forces in Afghanistan after he left his post. He was held for five years, but the Obama administration would negotiate for his release in a controversial prisoner swap. Negotiating with the enemy and giving in to the tune of five detainees from Guantanamo Bay is bad enough, but the details on why Bergdahl was captured make it all the more off putting.

Fast forward to this week, and Bergdahl has plead guilty to desertion and misbehavior before the enemy. He’s now facing the possibility of a life sentence, and his ongoing saga will not go to trial. Curiously, former President Barack Obama would’ve been the first witness called by the defense before the trial was nixed. Fox News contributor Judge Andrew Napolitano isn’t real pleased that the matter will not be going to trial, as he has some questions that he would like to see answered for the American people.       

"What was the reason for which you made the trade? Isn't it true you called my client a hero? What was the basis for your claim of heroism?" Napolitano asked during an appearance on "Fox & Friends."

Those are some really simple questions that we have yet to hear acceptable answers to. Can you imagine what the reaction would be if the name Obama was replaced with Trump in this scenario? There would be wall-to-wall news coverage with ominous music playing at every break. Left-leaning anchors would have looks of shock and horror painted on their faces as they relayed the story, and Trump would be convicted of all sorts of wrongdoing in the minds of the press.

That doesn’t need to happen with Obama - or any other president for that matter - but simply pressing him for some answers would be more than appropriate here.    

"The American people need to know of the involvement of the former president of the United States in this case," Napolitano added. "The wrongness here is the absence of transparency and the questions to which the American public will never have answered."

Perhaps the former president had a really good reason for exchanging five Taliban leaders for a low-ranking soldier that turned out to be a traitor, but there’s enough landmines littered through this story that the normally inquiring minds of the press should want to know. Why is the silence so deafening on this one?  

Source: Fox News
Photo: YouTube

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