Donald Trump Sides With Bernie Sanders On Hillary Clinton

If Republican front-runner Donald Trump has anything in common with Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is that he agrees that Hillary Clinton "doesn't have the judgment to be president."

Donald Trump spoke to an estimated 15,000 screaming supporters at the Times Union Arena--the largest public gathering place in New York's capital city of Albany. The New York primary will be held on April 19. There, Trump called Hillary "guilty as hell" in the email scandal the FBI has been investigating for months.

Trump said, "It would take anybody else down, but it's not going to take her down because she's being protected by the Democrats, which is a disgrace. But she's going to have to live with that when she runs because everybody knows that she is guilty as hell, okay? Everybody!"

He went on to declare, "Her whole life has been a big, fat, beautiful lie! It's been a terrible, terrible lie. Everything about her is a lie. So let's see how she does." Trump then spent the majority of his 51-minute speech going after the "rigged, disgusting, dirty system" that he says robbed him of convention delegates.

He then said of Sanders, "He's saying bad things about Hillary, and he's really correct. He says she doesn't have the judgment to be president. And you know what? She got us into Libya. You look at Benghazi. You look at her war in Iraq, the 'yes' vote. 'Let's go into Iraq,' she said, and she voted for Iraq. And lots of other things."

In addition, Trump complained of losing convention delegates to Cruz in Louisiana. Trump said, "I end up winning Louisiana, and when everything is done I find out I get less delegates than this guy that got his ass kicked, okay? Give me a break. Really disgusting."

Trump continued, "He does not like New York, and he does not like the people of New York. And that came out loud and clear. All you had to do--forget about his words. His words were 'New York Values.' Take a look at the scorn on his face when he said that. Am I right?"

Trump leads recent New York primary polls with over 50 percent of the vote.

Photo: Gage Skidmore

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