DOJ Documents Reveal Shocking Bombshell About Clinton-Lynch Meeting

There were a ton of head-scratching moments during last year’s presidential campaign, but some stand out much more than others. One of those occurred last June when it was revealed that former President Bill Clinton had a meeting with then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch on an airport tarmac. The meeting stood out because Hillary Clinton just happened to be under investigation, so a clandestine meeting with someone that was looking into things was an incredibly bad look.

As Western Journalism shares, watchdog group Judicial Watch is still trying to get to the bottom of things in regards to that meeting. The group has released a statement explaining that it continues to be stonewalled in its efforts.

“Judicial Watch today announced that the Justice Department refuses to disclose the talking points developed by the Obama Justice Department to help it respond to press inquiries about the controversial June 27, 2016, tarmac meeting between Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport,” the statement reads in part. “The Justice Department heavily redacted the documents under Exemption b (5), which allows agencies to withhold draft or deliberative process material. The blacked-out material centers around talking points drafted and used by Justice to respond to press inquiries about the Lynch-Clinton meeting.”

Redacted documents are pretty standard when it comes to highly sensitive materials, but Judicial Watch feels that there’s more at play here. The group is particularly interested in the ‘talking points’ that were being passed around by Lynch’s staff to justify and explain away the meeting.

“Lynch met privately with former President Bill Clinton on board a parked plane in Phoenix. The meeting occurred during the then-ongoing investigation of Mrs. Clinton’s email server, and only a few days before she was interviewed by the FBI,” the statement adds. “Lynch later admitted that the meeting with Bill Clinton 'cast a cloud' over the Justice Department/FBI investigation. A week after the tarmac meeting, FBI Director James Comey called Hillary Clinton’s actions 'extremely careless' but did not recommend charges and Attorney General Lynch ended the criminal investigation.”

Judicial Watch then kicks things up a notch by pointing some fingers on the redacted documents - and it’s not at who you would suspect.

“It is jaw-dropping that the Trump administration is blacking out key information about how the Obama Justice Department tried to spin Loretta Lynch’s scandalous meeting with Bill Clinton,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “President Trump should order the full and immediate release of these materials.”

That statement from Judicial Watch has sparked some surprise from both sides of the aisle. “Judicial Watch must be getting pretty desperate if it is now accusing Trump’s own Justice Department of orchestrating a cover-up to protect the Clintons,” said Brian Fallon, a former spokesman for Hillary Clinton, during a recent appearance on Fox News.

We’ll take a bigger leap and assume that Judicial Watch is simply trying to call attention to its efforts. By doing so, they’re hoping to capture the attention of the commander-in-chief and see if they can get their hands on some unredacted documents.

Source: Western Journalism, CNS News
Photo: Roger Goun via Flickr, White House Archives

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