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Did Ivanka Trump Have Chef Removed From Restaurant?

A celebrity chef has accused Ivanka Trump of having him kicked out of a restaurant.

According to The Washington Times, the president’s daughter was dining at the Café Milano in Washington, D.C. on Saturday night when José Andrés arrived. The famous cook alleged that she asked restaurant owner Franco Nuschese to bar him from the premises because of his past criticism of her father and his administration.

RawStory reported that Andrés tweeted the following day: “Thank you @CafeMilanoDC Franco Nuschese! I was a guest of the #alfalfaclubdinner2018 ‘everyone’ welcome to the after party, but I’m the only individual not allowed in?"

He wrote, "Is it because @IvankaTrump told you so? You should be ashamed of yourself Franco.”

Jorge Guajardo, a Mexican diplomat who was at the scene, confirmed the chef’s account of what happened. He said the owner forced Andrés to leave because Ivanka, who has an office in the White House as an unpaid presidential adviser, was “not comfortable with his presence.”

However, The Washingtonian reported that a “source close to Ivanka” refuted the allegation.

“This never happened,” the unidentified person said. “She had nothing to do with the guest list and never said anything.”

Anthony Bourdain, who is perhaps best known for hosting cooking and travel shows on television, rose to the defense of his fellow celebrity chef.

“Loathsome. (A) grotesque betrayal of a true patriot and hero,” he tweeted.

RawStory noted that Andrés “got in a public feud with the Trump administration” in November, after he contracted with the Federal Emergency Management Agency to help cook and distribute more than 2 million meals to hurricane victims in Puerto Rico. The chef ridiculed FEMA for its response to the crisis, which was widely criticized for being too little and too late.

According to BuzzFeed, the agency fired back at Andrés, dismissing him as a “colorful guy who gets a lot of exposure” and “a businessman looking for stuff to promote his business.” FEMA officials suggested that the chef was upset that his nonprofit group, World Central Kitchen, did not receive a longer contract.

Andrés refuted the claim. “For them to say I was a businessman trying to make a buck, whoever said that should be very ashamed of themselves,” he told BuzzFeed.

Andrés also has clashed with Donald Trump. RawStory pointed out that he refused to honor a contract to cook at a hotel in the nation’s capital that the president owns.

He was angry about Trump’s campaign-announcement speech, in which the candidate called immigrants from Mexico “rapists” and “killers.”

The chef reportedly asked: “You know how many busboys (from Mexico) I have? How many people are out in the fields picking the produce I serve in my restaurants?"

"You know how many customers I have who are Mexican? I would never live with myself to know that I’m associating myself with somebody who demeans them in that way.”

Trump’s criticism of Mexicans was just part of the anti-immigration agenda he espoused during the 2016 presidential campaign. He also proposed deporting all undocumented immigrants who are living illegally in the United States, and banning Muslims from entering the country.

As president, he has moderated his publicly stated views, but continues to take a hard line on the issue. Polls indicate that most voters disagree with him.

Source: RawStory
Photo: Wikimedia Commons, YouTube, Anthony Bourdain/Twitter

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