Democratic Senator Slams President And GOP For Using 'Obscene' Phrase, Slammed As A Hypocrite

Sen. Robert Menendez (D-Fla.) went on the warpath over the phrase 'chain migration'.  In an interview with CNN, he blasted people for using the term 'chain migration', claiming it's 'dehumanizing'.  

Just last month, though, he signed off on a bipartisan agreement with other Senators to resolve a number of immigration issues, including chain migration.

The term chain migration refers to the process by which documented immigrants are able to sponsor other family members for citizenship and bring them to the U.S. Hence, 'chain' means, in this case, a succession.

To Sen. Menendez, though, it's an offensive phrase that stirs up images of slavery, and people being dragged to the U.S. in chains. At least, that's the image he gets when he hears Republicans use the phrase.

When Democrats use it, he seems to be okay with it.

The senator appeared on CNN and told host Wolf Blitzer how he feels about the term. “I find it obscene, the phrase, ‘chain migration,'” he explained.

“It is incredibly cruel to those whose ancestors were brought to this country in chains and slavery. It is a dehumanizing element of what is in essence, family reunification, which has been the core of American immigration principle for over a century.”

The senator might be a little red-faced right now, as just a month ago he signed an agreement using the statement 'chain migration'. He even featured the agreement on his social media account.

“We have been working for four months and have reached an agreement in principle that addresses border security,” the statement read. “The diversity visa lottery, chain migration/family reunification, and the Dream Act — the areas outlined by the president.”

Chain migration is a hot-button topic right now, with President Trump seeking to put an end to it. With the current laws, any legal immigrant can bring family members to the U.S. for citizenship, no matter how distant a relative.

A single immigrant has the potential to open the way for dozens of foreign relatives. Conservatives are battling to limit chain migration by limiting it mainly to only spouses and children, with few exceptions.  

Democrats argue that it's not true that one immigrant can result in dozens more immigrants because it takes decades sometimes to become a citizen. They also argue that in many countries, extended families often live together and share close bonds — the U.S. government should not get to decide which family members get to stay together based solely on relationship status.

“The belief that when we have families together,” explains Menendez, “that ultimately they strengthen not only themselves and help each other but they help build communities and help build our nation.”

Marketing is often the key to a political movement, and the term ‘chain migration’ has a negative ring to it. Liberals have taken to replacing it recently with the term ‘family reunification’, a more positive-sounding term. It’s hard to disagree with a proposal to reunite families.

"Reminder: "chain migration" is a made up term by the hardline anti-immigration crowd. Its purpose is to dehumanize immigrants. If you're using that word, you're declaring a side," tweeted Connecticut Democratic Senator Chris Murphy.

Source: The Blaze
Photo: YouTube

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