Dean: Vote Republican In 2018 And You Support Having A Racist For President

Casting a ballot for a Republican is the same as endorsing bigotry, according to Howard Dean.

Fox News reported that the former governor of Vermont and chairman of the Democratic National Committee made the suggestion Saturday on MSNBC. “If you want to vote for a racist in the White House, then you better vote for Republicans,” he declared, accusing President Trump of having “no moral character.”

Referring to the bloodshed at a recent white-supremacist rally in Virginia, Dean noted that “there’s a lot more decent Americans than there are the kind of people who were supporting the folks in Charlottesville.” He argued that in next year’s midterm congressional election, “if you vote for a Republican you’re supporting Donald Trump (because) this has now become a referendum.”

Dean predicted that the election “may be the moment that turns America away from the Republican Party.” He told U.S. News that Democrats “absolutely” will become the majority in the Senate if the upper chamber’s GOP leaders succeed in advancing legislation that repeals the Affordable Care Act. “I actually think we're going to win the Senate back and the House,” he said. “There's no one in Washington who agrees with me. But if they pass this bill, I have no doubts about my prediction whatsoever. It’ll be a wave. A wave is a wave. And if they’re really mad, they’re going to do something different.” Voters are fed up with Republicans “dog-whistling race, gay rights, immigrants and Muslims,” according to Dean.

Democrats must defeat three Republicans in the Senate and 24 in the House to take control. While the president’s party has often lost congressional seats in past midterm elections, the odds of making up that much ground are not good. However, Trump’s plunging popularity ratings and ongoing scandals could lead to a historic day at the polls in November 2018. Incumbent GOP lawmakers, at “town hall” meetings in their states and districts, have been facing hostile crowds of constituents worried about losing access to affordable health insurance.

“I think the House is gone, barring, God forbid, an attack on the United States,” Dean said. “I think the House is gone and we're going to win the Senate. I think I’m going to be absolutely correct if this (Republican health-care) bill passes. If this passes, it totally takes the wind out of every Republican in the country.”

In May, the House narrowly approved the GOP-sponsored American Health Care Act, which would have rolled back many of Obamacare’s provisions. The Senate refused to consider the measure, instead drafting its own repeal bill that failed when three Republicans (Sens. John McCain of Arizona, Susan Collins of Maine and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska) voted with the Democrats.

The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office estimated that the legislation would have cost more than 30 million Americans their health-care coverage. “This is going to kick seniors out of nursing homes in West Virginia and North Dakota, places like that,” Dean warned. “Everybody is going to know somebody who gets screwed. And when an aunt is told she has to leave the nursing home, suddenly things are going to look different. It’s about them personally, or their neighbor’s kid who gets kicked off Medicaid. This stuff is toxic. You might as well cut everyone’s wages 50 percent.”

Source: Fox News Insider, US News
Photo: YouTube

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