Cruz Says Democrats Want ‘to Take Your Guns’

Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz last week blasted Democratic politicians who enact gun-control measures, The Hill reported.

The Texas senator criticized a recent decision by Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring, a Democrat, to stop recognizing concealed-weapons permits issued by 25 other states. The policy is scheduled to begin Feb. 1.

“That’s the consequences when you elect Democrats to power, and friends don’t let friends vote Democrat,” Cruz said during a rally in Nashville, Tenn. “When they get in power, they come and try to take your guns.”

The candidate is an outspoken believer in the Second Amendment who often advocates gun rights in his speeches on the campaign trail. The Hill noted that the debate over the issue has become more intense since the recent shooting rampages at a Planned Parenthood office in Colorado and at a holiday party in California.

Two days after the San Bernardino massacre, Cruz staged an event at a shooting range in Iowa to announce his newly formed coalition of gun-rights defenders

“It’s these constitutional rights that keep us safe,” he declared. “You don’t stop bad guys by taking away our guns. You stop bad guys by using our guns."

Cruz has emerged as the top challenger to Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump. The senator has placed first in recent polls of GOP voters in Iowa, which will hold its caucuses Feb. 1.

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