Black Cop Has Shocking Response To Trump's Suggestion Officers Rough Up Thugs

President Donald Trump delivered some remarks last week in Long Island at an event that was heavily attended by members of law enforcement. His speech was specifically geared to the problems caused by the MS-13 gang, and his remarks were delivered not too far from the site of some brutal slayings that have been attributed to the gang. Trump also took the time to address matters of law enforcement in general, and his remarks were generally well received.

As the Daily Mail shares, hindsight hasn’t been quite so kind to Trump’s remarks. He made some off-the-cuff quips about how law enforcement should deal with those in their custody, and the remarks have raised some eyebrows.

“Don't be too nice,” he said. “I said, 'You could take the hand away, OK.'"

Trump was referring to how cops tend to protect the heads of those in handcuffs as they enter and exit patrol cars. While it generated laughs from the crowd, many observers have taken umbrage with the remarks. We can add Clarence E. Cox III, former chief of Clayton County Schools in Georgia and incoming president of the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives to that group, and he addressed the remarks directly while addressing black police groups.

“We live in some of the same communities that are affected by this disparate treatment. We go to church in those neighborhoods. We go to the barbershops,” he said. “Certain things people don't realize: It's really hard being black and being a police officer when these things happen. Whether intentional or unintentional, it was heard around the country by the folks, by the very communities that we're trying to build relationships with and I believe it had an impact.”

Attorney General Jeff Sessions was in attendance at the same event, and he addressed the audience as well.

“You deserve the support and respect of every American, and I'm here today on behalf of President Trump and the Department of Justice to say, 'Thank you.' I am proud to stand with you. The Department of Justice is proud to stand with you. We have your back. We are in this together,” he said. “We cannot let the politicians - and sometimes they do - run down the police in communities that are suffering only to see crimes spike in those communities. In the very neighborhoods that need proactive, community-based policing the most, we don't need to be telling police not to do their job in those communities.”

Sessions did not directly address Trump’s remarks. As for Cox, he makes a fair point. Even if Trump’s remarks were just a joke, it perpetuates the narrative that cops are ‘out to get people.’ Relations are strained enough between law enforcement and the communities they serve in certain pockets of the country, and additional rhetoric does nothing but fan those flames.

While Trump and his administration clearly have the backs of law enforcement, the commander-in-chief would be wise to tone down the quips and just lead by example.

Source: Daily Mail
Photo: YouTube, LinkedIn

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