Alabama Church Blasted For Eye-Opening Sign In Support Of Roy Moore

In normal times - and in a normal political environment - a special election for a Senate seat would generally fly under the radar. Politics buffs would certainly be interested in the outcome, but the general public tunes out of politics outside of presidential elections. These are not normal times, and this is anything but a normal political environment. As such, the race for an Alabama Senate seat has been receiving wall-to-wall coverage.

Republican candidate Roy Moore is facing off with Democrat Doug Jones for the seat that was vacated when Jeff Sessions accepted the post of Attorney General. Alabama is a traditionally red state, so Moore would likely cruise to victory under normal circumstances. However, this race has been anything but normal. Moore is an outsider candidate that’s been none too kind to the GOP establishment while delivering remarks, and he’s become embroiled in a tawdry scandal to boot.

A number of accusers have come forward to reveal that Moore pursued inappropriate relationships with them while they were underage. Those accusations have led to calls for Moore to step aside, but he has steadfastly denied them. For a while there, it looked like Jones was going to switch the seat from red to blue, but recent polls indicate that Moore has recovered in the eyes of Alabama voters.

The race is huge news in the state of Alabama, and it’s also been receiving an astronomical amount of coverage on the national level. The GOP is in control of both the House and Senate these days, and a shifting of this seat could portend the balance of power looking awfully different by the time the 2018 midterm elections are in the books. As the race nears its closing point, things are getting even uglier in this contentious election.

As RawStory shares, even one local church hasn’t been able to keep itself out of the fray. The Living Way Ministries Church in Opelika, Alabama has come under fire for a controversial message that appeared on the church’s reader board.

“They falsely accused Jesus. Vote Roy Moore,” the sign said.

Beyond being in poor taste, the message is also a big no-no when it comes to churches, which are not allowed to campaign for specific candidates under federal law. As a result, critics are calling for the church to lose its 501(c)(3) tax exemption. The sign was removed after the church received a number of complaints - and even threats - but it’s not being brushed under the carpet. We’ll have to wait and see if this turns into an even bigger thing for the church to have to deal with.

This serves as yet another example of how fractured the current environment is. If Moore is, in fact, guilty of the allegations that have been leveled against him, he should’ve stepped aside immediately. In short, it’s a gigantic mess that has been politicized to the hilt. That’s not all that surprising in today’s political environment, but that does little to quell the urge to take a shower after digesting the entire saga of this special election.

Source: RawStory
Photo: YouTube

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