‘Underground Railroad’ Created For Illegal Immigrants By Religious Leaders

During the days of slavery, when Africans were involuntarily and ruthlessly dragged away from their families and dropped onto foreign shores to become property of the wealthy, the Underground Railroad was designed as a way to harbor slaves seeking freedom. In modern times, some religious leaders see themselves as creating a new underground railroad, only this time its's for immigrants who willingly broke the law and don't want to be penalized.

CNN reported that religious groups in the U.S. are having 'safe houses' built meant to hide undocumented aliens. The names and addresses of people involved are being concealed to protect all involved, but the goal is to create hidden housing for immigrants here illegally so that they can stay here without fear of deportation.

Right now, more than 100 such homes for illegals exist. Those working on them expect that in time, there will be thousands. Private homes have the protection of the fourth amendment on their side; authorities need a warrant before federal authorities can enter and search.

"People will be moving into a place so that ICE can't find them, so that they can stay with their family, so that they can be with their husband, so that they can avoid being detained and deported," said one minister who advocates such sanctuaries.

The people involved know the risks. "There's some element of we're entering into territory that I don't totally know exactly what the consequences are, but I think I know what the moral consequences are for me if we don't act," said one man with a disguised voice.

The Jewish man says that what's happening to immigrants right now reminds him of Jews seeking sanctuary during the holocaust, and all the good people who helped to hide them. He adds, "This isn't a moment to be standing idly by."

Some feel these new underground railroad people might have their hearts in the right place, but they’re way off the mark from reality. “Someone should tell them there is a huge difference between liberating slaves and harboring fugitives,” said a commenter on Breitbart News website.

Source: Breitbart
Photo: YouTube

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