A Young Mother's Dependence On Energy Drinks Almost Kills Her - A Dangerous Habit

Medical experts are just now discovering that Red Bull is almost as bad for your liver as too much alcohol.

When a 26-year-old UK mother showed up at the hospital, the staff was convinced she was an alcoholic when they saw how damaged her liver was, but it turned out the problem was not alcohol.

“They kept talking about alcohol and asking how much I drank," patient Mary Allwood remarked. "They said my liver looked the same as someone who was an alcoholic and that's when I said I drank at least 12 Red Bulls a day. They looked at me in disgust."

So it turned out the cause of Allwood’s damaged liver was not booze, but up to 20 cans a day of Red Bull.

It seems that Allwood spent over $3,000 a year on drinking 17 chocolate bars' worth of sugar and 16 cups of coffee's worth of caffeine, every day.

In late 2015, Allwood ended up at the hospital in serious pain where doctors found out her liver had doubled in mass because of all the sugary drinks.

Allwood says she was addicted to the “energy drinks”.

"I needed it and I didn't care at the time what damage it was doing to me," she commented. "If I didn't get my fix I would be miserable and grumpy and it just wasn't an option - I would make sure I got it."

Given her life is on the line, Allwood says she has now gone "cold turkey" on energy drinks. Recent lab tests show her liver is now almost back to normal and she has also lost a lot of weight.

Allwood now wants to educate others who may not know the dangers of these addictive energy drinks.

A report from a federal agency reveals that energy drink-related hospital visits were up dramatically between 2007 and 2011.

Kathleen Miller, a senior research scientist at the University at Buffalo’s Research Institute on Addictions, argues that energy drink manufacturers should be more transparent about the ingredients in their products.

“Let people know what they are drinking,” Miller notes. “Knowledge is power. The more you tell them, the more they can make intelligent, informed decisions.”

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