Is There A Hidden Political Connection Behind The Green Dress Melania Recently Wore?

Like it or not, the world is watching when First Lady Melania Trump steps out in public. In addition to whatever her appearance entails, one of the biggest talking points that emerges is what she wore.

While that may seem rather shallow to those that aren’t enamored with the world of fashion, those that are know that FLOTUS is a trendsetter. There’s a pretty good chance that whatever she wears will become quite popular, as Melania has a keen fashion sense that stems from her modeling days.

But is there more than meets the eye here when Melania chooses what to wear? Specifically, are there hidden connections that the general public may be missing while admiring her choice of attire.

According to Yahoo, that may be the case - at least for this striking green dress that she recently wore for a trip to Lily’s Place, a drug recovery center for infants that’s located in West Virginia. The green muslin shirtdress was designed by Samantha Cameron, who knows a thing or two about the world of politics.

“Name sound familiar? Well, that’s mostly because while Cameron’s a newcomer in the fashion world, she’s been in the spotlight for years, serving as Britain’s first lady until July 2016,” Yahoo notes. “Just months after her official duties as the wife of the prime minister ended, Cameron launched Ceffin, with the first collection consisting of 36 tailored pieces.”

So was Melania’s choice a simple nod to a counterpart from across the pond? Did she just choose it because she liked how it looked? Or is there even more to see here? According to some inquiring minds, that could be the case.

“So is Trump, who many assume has sent subliminal messages with her clothing choices, doing just that? As Vanessa Friedman at the New York Times points out, the former model had reportedly wanted to seize the 'unique, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity' her new political position appointed her to create a business, like a fashion line,” Yahoo adds.

“While Trump denied the rumors, could wearing a Samantha Cameron design, a former first lady who followed through with starting her own fashion company, be a signal of what’s to come?”

It’s an interesting thought that we’ll have to wait and see on, as it seems like she’s a little tied up at the moment with the whole FLOTUS thing. Once her time in the White House comes to a close, something along this lines isn’t out of the realm of possibility for the next act in her life.

She already has a built-in head start due to her name recognition, and we’re going to safely assume that startup costs will not be much of an issue.

Of course, she could simply do as other First Ladies do after their time in the spotlight comes to a close. That will mean the occasional appearance here and there, but it will also present an opportunity for her to enjoy some time without the spotlight shining so brightly on her.

Source: Yahoo
Photo: YouTube

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