Sylvester Stallone's Daughters Are Not Little Girls Anymore

Sylvester 'Sly' Stallone has always been a family man. He's close to his mom, Jackie Stallone, a celebrity in her own right. He was devastated by the loss of his son from his first marriage, Sage Moonblood, who died at the age of 36 of heart disease.

His other son, Seargeoh, is autistic; when doctors recommended that the young child be institutionalized, the family dismissed that advice and took care of him at home. And while his first two marriages didn't last long, it seemed the third time was the charm for the Italian actor.

In 1997, Stallone married Jennifer Flavin, and the two had three daughters: Sophia, Sistine, and Scarlet. The girls are all grown up now, and the former 'Rocky' star is very proud of the young women. He and his wife frequently share family photos on social media, showing off their three girls.

In one post, Stallone shares a photo of him and the three women, and writes in the caption, "The three roses and one weed.”

In another photo he shared, Stallone wrote, “With my wonderful daughters on a magazine photo shoot that I crashed… Hey, I’ve got to keep an eye on them, right, and believe me I do…”

Jennifer's Instagram is also full of pictures of the three girls. Judging by the pictures, the three sisters are not only very close to each other, but they're very close to their parents as well. Recent holiday photos show the family standing around the Christmas tree.

Sophia is the eldest of the sisters, born August 27, 1996. She studied communications at the University of Southern California and is a huge advocate for heart health due to the fact that she was born with a hole in her heart.

"Every day I think of my heart," Sophia tells Paris Match magazine. "I eat really healthy, and as I get more tired than normal, I have to be very careful when doing sports."

Sophia was recently a judge on Project Runway.

Sistine is working with IMG modeling agency and has appeared in magazines such as Teen Vogue and Town and Country. She's the middle sister, born June 27, 1998. Judging by her Instagram account, this Stallone sister loves to travel to exotic tropical places.

Sistine and big sister Sophia paired together for a recent Dolce & Gabbana ad campaign.

Scarlet, the youngest of Stallone's children, born March 25, 2002, is still in high school, but she's very into sports and models just like her older sisters. In recent news, her over-protective father banned her from having a date to the 2017 Golden Globes awards.

The three young ladies were collectively honored as 'Miss Golden Globe' at this years' award ceremony.

Stallone can see his daughters' careers are beginning to take off, so he’s doing his part to give the girls a little help. He asked his 5 million Instagram followers to start following the three.

"I would LOVE all of my incredible fans to start following my wonderful daughters, who I am proud of @sistinestallone @sophiastallone @scarletstallone ...1 MILLION followers is the goal, you can do it! YO, WE WOULD NOT BE HERE WITHOUT YOUR SUPPORT! Go For It! THANKS , Sly," he wrote.

Source: Little Things
Photo: Jennifer Flavin Stallone/Instagram, Sylvester Stallone/Instagram

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