Parents Smile As Daughter Picks Her Own Outfit For Picture Day (Photo)

A three-year-old girl sat for her class photo, and people were so impressed by her outfit and her prop that they're calling the tot a hero. The photo has gone viral, and this little one is quickly becoming a poster child for 'Girl Power'.

Kaylieann Steinbach of Rocklin, California is a student at Merryhill Preschool, and it's a good thing for the little girl that the school doesn't have a strict dress code. Kaylieann likes to go to school every day dressed up as her favorite thing: superheroes.

Recently, Kaylieann has taken to dressing up in her Superman costume. Not Supergirl-- Superman. She'd been running around in a red cape and boots looking adorable. She happened to be in her favorite ensemble come class picture day.

Kaylieann's parents thought the photo was adorable. The little blonde-haired beauty is wearing her costume - cape and all - while cuddling a large Superman doll. The parents thought their family and friends might get a kick out of the photo so they emailed it. Soon after, the most epic school picture ever made its way to Reddit and got 5,000 upvotes.

“As proud as any parents can be we do our best to support her with everything, including outfit choices,” Kaylieann's dad told CBS News. “We always let her dress herself and her choices show her personality well.”

“Since we’ve always let her choose her outfit we will continue to let her,” he continued. “She loves expressing herself with her choices.”

The parents can’t wait to have the photo framed and mounted on the wall. They feel the photo, and Kaylieann's personality, are perfectly captured by her choice of outfit and her Superman doll. They plan to continue to let their little girl express herself in her own way.

“She’s already smarter than all of us parents combined! She surprises us everyday and leaves us speechless and with tummy aches from laughing,” said the proud parent.
Source: CBS NEWS
Photo: AWM /em>

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