Mother Discovers Teacher Threw Away Her Son's Lunch, Goes Off On School Officials

Given that junk food and sugary products are everywhere you look today, it’s not surprising that many institutions are focusing on the global obesity epidemic. Governments, schools, restaurants, and individual households are becoming more health-conscious by getting physical activity and making a point to eat healthier.

That said, most people believe what a child eats is determined by the boy or girl’s parents, and that a school does not have the right to control what goes inside a child’s lunchbox.

Related to this, many schools in the US and Canada have set guidelines for foods at school, and a growing number of parents are arguing these rules have become unreasonable.

In one recent case in point, Elaina Daoust is a Canadian mom who is defending her decision to put a small piece of banana bread inside her son’s lunch. It seems the mom’s young son is a picky eater, and she put in the small treat because she believed it was on the list of acceptable foods.

Daoust was upset when she heard that a teacher had not only taken away the banana bread and told him to eat his grapes instead but had also included a snarky note for her, with a list of healthy alternative snack ideas.

It seems the banana bread was rejected by the school because it contained chocolate chips.

Now, Daoust has joined forces with other parents in saying the school’s rules about food should not be so strict.

Moreover, the angry mom insists her family has a healthy and active lifestyle. The school has no business cracking down on such a small treat.

Daoust also notes this isn’t the first time she’s packed the banana bread in lunches, just the first time there was a problem with it.

She also claims that quite a few other parents agree with her in saying that their children should not be singled out for the food they bring to school.

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