Fans Shocked To See What McGregor Is Doing Following Maywhether Fight

Some people just make obscene amounts of money, but what's more obscene is how quickly those people can spend such exorbitant amounts.

Conor ‘The Notorious’ McGregor, one of the most successful UFC fighters in history, drew international headlines and became a household name in the lead-up to his debut boxing match against legendary boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. After months of intense speculation, the high-profile bout was scheduled for August and was held at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. Regardless of the result, Mayweather was guaranteed $100 million and ‘The Notorious’ was promised a purse of $30 million. Each fighter also arranged a share of the event’s pay-per-view earnings as part of the bout arrangement.

The much-hyped bout ended with Mayweather effortlessly defeating McGregor by technical knockout. Despite his loss, McGregor still walked away from his debut boxing match with approximately $130 million in payment.

However, at the rate he spends his money, it might not be long before McGregor has to step back into the Octagon (or even the boxing ring) to earn his next payday. According to the New York Post, McGregor is already spending his immense winnings on extravagant proceedings. The MMA superstar’s Instagram page shows him relaxing in Ibiza and enjoying some family time with Dee Devlin, his long-term girlfriend, and his infant son, Conor Jack McGregor.

But relaxing isn’t the only thing on McGregor’s schedule in Ibiza. The professional fighter has given fans a glimpse of his Rockstar lifestyle after posting photos of his nights partying in the island’s nightclubs. Whether he’s relaxing on a luxury yacht, chuffing on enormous cigars or using fire extinguishers at the club, McGregor doesn’t look like he’s sparing any expenses.

After his loss in Las Vegas, McGregor first disclosed his plans to party in Ibiza, saying: “I’m going to hit Ibiza for a childhood friend’s wedding and going to hire a 100-foot yacht. Those are my plans and then we’ll see what’s next.” McGregor has since been spotted at the wedding reception of his friend, Lee Dunphy. The UFC star also uploaded a picture of the happy couple on his Instagram account, captioning the photo: “Some buzz watching two childhood friends get married in Ibiza yesterday! Congrats Tom and Emma absolutely delighted for you both! Bring on today's party oh yes!”

As McGregor’s lavish vacation continues, the Irishman’s MMA coach, John Kavanagh, has indicated that his star fighter is unlikely to fight again this year. “As for what’s next, we’re currently taking a bit of down time after a fairly exhausting few months. I’ve said for a long time that the Nate Diaz trilogy fight at lightweight is what I’d personally like to see next. That still needs to be put to bed. It’s probably a little late in the day to realistically expect another fight before the end of the year, because even after this hiatus is over, a lot goes into the planning and execution of a training camp at our level. I find it hard to envisage another fight in 2017,” wrote Kavanagh in a piece on ‘The 42’.

Source: New York Post
Photo: thenotoriousmma/Instagram, Vimeo

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