Couple Selling Home Gets Astounding Letter From Family Of Six After They Find Out They're $112k From Bid Mark

It seems counter-intuitive that a couple trying to sell their home would accept the lowest offer rather than the highest, but that's what happened in Canada. One family had a heartwarming reason for downsizing, and the personal letter they wrote the homeowners was what clinched the deal.

The Soh family had just returned to Canada after doing missionary work in Uganda. The time the two parents and four children spent in Africa working with the poor changed them forever. It changed them so much that when they got back to their 3,600-square foot dream home, they felt it was excessive and unnecessary. They made a decision to change their lives.

"Our desire is to downsize and live simply so others may simply live," they said.

The Soh family decided to downsize to a home under 2,000 square feet. They wanted to take the money they would save to put towards charity and more missionary trips. Unfortunately, when shopping for a home to fit their needs, they struggled to find one within their budget.

One home they found seemed perfect, but it was more than $100,000 over their budget. They decided to make an offer anyway. They included a picture of their family, and wrote a letter to the sellers.

"The gift of your home would allow us the freedom to do more mission trips and it would free up more of our finances to take care of the poor and needy and build His Kingdom," read the letter. "This would also allow us to further build in our children what has been planted in their hearts, to love those in need more than the things of this world."

The Crofts, the owner of the home, were touched by the Soh's letter. Even though the highest offer was $112,000 more than the Sohs offered, the Crofts sold their home to the Sohs. Mrs. Croft liked the idea of the happy, charitable family living in the home where she raised her own child.

"I have faith in humanity again," said the real estate agent. "I can't believe what happened here. I think it's amazing and people need to know [selling a house] isn't all about milking people."

Source: Mail Online
Photo: Mail Online

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