Can You Find All Nine Hidden Words in This Image? Only 1 in 8 People Can

Games are fun when we’re bored and to play with friends, but did you know that some games are good for your brain. According to Life Aspire, games can help improve brain function, increase your IQ, strengthen your memory and boost your motor skills.

Adults who spend time training their brains regularly improved their auditory information processing 58 percent faster. We’ll help you get smart with this brain buster from Life Aspire.

Stare at the image and find the nine words that are hidden within the photo. The goal is to solve the illusion within five minutes or less. We recommend doing it with a pen and piece of paper to keep track of the words you find so you can properly time yourself.

Ready go…. time’s up!

Check our list below to see if your answers match ours.

Source: Life Aspire
Photos: Life Aspire

If you didn’t find all nine we’ll give you some clues.

1. "Wave" is at the top of the wave
2. "Umbrella" in the handle of the beach umbrella
3. "Clouds" behind the beachgoer's head
4. "Book" on the spine of his book
5. “Sail” in the the ripple made by the sailboat
6. "Ice" on the side of the cooler
7. “Drink” on the can on top of the cooler
8. “Bucket” on the sand bucket
9.”Sand” written in the sand

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