Video Of Disabled Man Drowning Surfaces, Then Cops See What Teens Are Doing

A disabled man drowned recently, and the incident was a local tragedy. What makes the incident even more tragic is that there were a group of teens watching him, filming the death, as they laughed and taunted the man instead of calling for help. Authorities say the teens didn't break any laws and won't be charged.

The incident took place in Cocoa, Florida. Jamel Dunn, a 31-year-old who was disabled and walked with a cane, entered a pond for unknown reasons. Dunn attempted to swim and began to struggle in the water.

A group of teens on the other side of the pond watched Dunn go into the water. They had a cell phone on them, but instead of using the phone to call 911, they used it to film Dunn's death. During the entire incident, they laughed and taunted the struggling man.

"Get out the water, you gonna die," one teen shouted.

"Ain't nobody gonna help you, you dumb (expletive), you shouldn't have got in there," one shouted.

Dunn begins struggling and shouting for help. The teens just laughed. The older man began going under in the middle of the pond and can be heard crying out on the video. His cries sent the teens into peals of laughter.

"You should have never got in there," one shouted.

"He just died," another laughed, as Dunn went under for the last time.

The teens then stared at the water, sounding shocked that Dunn wasn't coming up. "Damn," they said in unison, dragging out the word. They debated whether to call for help.

"Buddy not coming back up, for real!" said one.

The teens never did call emergency services. They posted the video to social media, and it was brought to the attention of the local authorities after it went viral. Three days later, Dunn's body was found.

Five teens in all, between the ages of 14 and 16, were involved. As police interviewed one teen, they say he just smirked, while his mother stood behind him, crying.

Prosecutors in Brevard County say that while the incident was 'tragic' and there was 'no moral justification' for the teens' behavior, they didn't commit any crime.

"The kids were at the park that day smoking marijuana and apparently saw him walk into the water. He walked in on his own. They were watching him,” said Yvonne Martinez, a spokesperson for the police. "(The teens) were telling him they weren't going in after him and that 'you shouldn't have gone in there.'"

According to an investigation, Dunn had gotten into an argument with his fiancée nearby about 15 minutes before he drowned. The fiancée left the scene before Dunn went into the water.

Dunn was the father of two young daughters. His stunned sister doesn't understand how this could have happened. "I agree they don’t have to help, but they should have called 9-1-1,” posted Simone Scott. “My brother is disabled and walks with a cane... please make it make sense to me.”

Source: Daily Mail, Daily Mail
Photo: YouTube

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