US Marshals Stunned By What They Catch Fugitive Doing In Backyard

Nothing beats a good ad campaign. If you want to get people’s attention and sell something, the more you can get that item out in front of the public, the more successful you’ll be. Apparently, the same principle applies to hardened criminals. The more authorities are able to get the faces of fugitives out there for all people to see, the better their chances of catching the crook. This month, the ‘fugitive of the week’ campaign proved successful when someone spotted the fugitive getting some sun in a neighboring state. They called authorities and the tip panned out.

While U.S. Marshals were busy on the hunt for the 'fugitive of the week', she was apparently taking it easy at the home of a relative. She was finally tracked down in her family member's yard while she was kicking back getting a tan.

Amy Beth Tremblay was recently named New Hampshire's 'fugitive of the week' by the Joint Fugitive Task Force after a warrant was put out for her arrest. The 35-year-old woman allegedly violated her bail conditions after she was arrested and indicted on drug conspiracy charges.

Tremblay allegedly took part in a large New Hampshire heroin ring, and was indicted in federal court on a conspiracy to distribute a controlled substance charge. Tremblay was one of more than two dozen people charged in the conspiracy ring, most of whom were from the Lawrence/Haverhill area of Massachusetts, four from New Hampshire and one from the Dominican Republic.

Marshals were conducting a massive manhunt to track down the woman, originally from Massachusetts, and presumed that she was living as a transient under the alias 'Amy Welch', according to Deputy Marshal Jeffrey White.

“Tremblay is thought to be homeless and has extensive ties throughout Northern Massachusetts,” said White.

The task force looking for Tremblay received a tip, they said on Wednesday. Someone in Massachusetts reported seeing the blonde-haired woman tanning herself in a neighbor's yard. Police showed up, and Tremblay was taken into custody.

Tremblay was being held at a jail in Boscawen, New Hampshire and was scheduled to appear before a federal judge in Concord on Thursday.

Tremblay isn't the only fugitive who was caught taking it easy. A man from the Bronx went on the lam and spent several months enjoying the sun and surf at a Mexican beach resort. He boldly taunted police over Instagram by posting images of himself lounging by the pool with champagne.

Another New York fugitive sentenced to five to 15 years in prison after being convicted of rape and sodomy jumped bail and went on a tour of Vermont and Hawaii before settling in Arizona. He spent 40 years there, living under an assumed name and taking it easy. His fatal mistake came when he applied for Social Security benefits.

It’s unbelievable how brazen some criminals could be, but thankfully in the digital age it’s getting harder and harder for them to get away. At least, if they do, it’s usually not for long.

Source: Fox News
Photo: CBS Philly

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