OJ Witness Jill Shively Regrets Ruining Her Testimony, Worries About Parole

OJ Simpson was paroled late last year, and that has opened up all sorts of speculation about what would happen if The Juice saw the light of day. While we can obviously expect network executives to trip over themselves to attempt to get a sit-down interview with him for a salacious TV show, there’s also the question of how he may integrate himself back into society.

As AOL shares, at least one woman that could have been a witness at the trial of the century - before she blew it by cashing in on her knowledge, that is - is concerned that he may snap.

Jill Shively, 56, has a pretty amazing story about the night that Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman were murdered.

"Everything happened so fast. First I felt fear, then anger. I mean, the self-entitlement! Why was this person driving like this? They had to be drunk,” she said.

Shively is referring to the fact that she was driving around that night when she had a run-in with a Ford Bronco, and she notes that she "knew [it] was a football player right away - the name Marcus Allen popped in my head. The guy began yelling at the car in the westbound lane. That's when I realized it was O.J. Simpson, because I had just seen him in a movie - Naked Gun 33⅓."

To make her story even more amazing, the run-in occurred just blocks away from where the murders had taken place. She was all set to be a key witness in the trial, but then she decided it was pretty darn important for her to appear on ‘Hard Copy,’ which was a tabloid-style program that was pretty popular back in the day.

Her credibility was destroyed, but at least she got paid. The prosecution was not pleased.

"Marcia freaked out at me and said I blew her case. She said, 'I was counting on you for my timeline, and you blew it,'” Shively recalls.

Shively is not a big fan of how Clark handled things, and she’s still carrying a grudge to this day.

"I may have made a mistake, but I didn't kill the case," she laments. "I realize now that all that stuff Marcia did to me was just horrible. They idolize her so much. I just don't understand."

Alright. Perhaps Clark could’ve handled things a bit better, but Shively also didn’t have to blatantly sell her story for her own enrichment. She seems to be missing that fact.

As for the present day, she’s pretty concerned that Simpson could soon be set loose.

"My daughter is 28 now," Shively says. "Every year on the day of their murders she's on edge a little bit, because she knows I'm on edge a little bit. The thought of him being paroled is scary, because you never know what will make him flip out again."

Right. Because the first thing he’s going to do is go look up an alleged witness that ultimately had no bearing on the case. Perhaps Shively can convince the former producers of Hard Copy to put the band back together so she can express her concerns in a forum she’s comfortable with.

Source: AOL
Photos: Dateline Screenshot, YouTube Screenshots, Charles LeBlanc/Flickr

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