Man Shoots, Kills Girlfriend, Then Makes Disturbing Statement To Her Kids

A Wisconsin man shot and killed his girlfriend while her children were in another room of the home. The incident was the culmination of a tumultuous relationship that lasted for several months.

After killing the mother of two, the murderer went in to tell the kids. His chilling words to them will probably haunt them for life.

Arnell Gilmer, a 39-year-old from Milwaukee who shot his girlfriend dead, has been sentenced to life in prison. Gilmer was convicted of first-degree intentional homicide and one count of possession of a firearm by a person convicted of a felony.

His victim, Teneya Little, was dating Gilmer and had pressed charges against him for abuse.

The fatal incident occurred on May 22, 2016 at approximately 3 a.m., when Gilmer pulled a gun on Little. The children, who were asleep in another room, woke up to the sound of the gunshot.

Shortly after shooting the woman, he went into the room where her two teens were and told the children, "I just blew your mama’s brains out. I forgot it was loaded. I shouldn’t have put the bullets in.”

Someone placed a call to 911, and police arrived. Gilmer was laying on the floor in a bedroom. He revealed to the officers that he had stashed a .357 magnum in the closet, and that there was one round spent. He said he 'f--ked up', and that ‘it wasn't supposed to happen this way'.

According to Little's sister, Lisa Briggs, Gilmer and Little argued because the victim refused to drop a substantial battery charge against him from a month earlier. Gilmer had long been abusive to Little, but in April he heated a kitchen knife on the stove and used it to burn his girlfriend's arm, branding her.

“He wanted her to drop the charges, but she didn’t. That’s when he verbally told her he was going to kill her if she didn’t drop the charges,” Briggs said.

Briggs said the relationship had been taking a toll on her sister. Little had lost weight and was reluctant to tell the family what was going on. Briggs says her sister had a good heart and believed that she could help bring out the good in her boyfriend.

“I think she always attracted people that needed help. That’s what it was,” explained Briggs to WITI-TV. “She felt like he was good — that he just needed someone there for him or to love him.”

Gilmer had a long criminal history, and at the time of the murder there were two warrants out for his arrest. He was on Wisconsin’s ‘Most Wanted’ list. Gilmer had been arrested over 15 times before landing himself in jail for delivering cocaine.

He was conditionally released, but failed to meet any conditions of his parole. He failed to show up for meetings, to seek employment, and started having more run-ins with the law, including a failed drug test.

Source: Independent Journal Review
Photo: Pix 11/Milwaukee Police

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