Man Holds Up Families Outside School, Didn't Realize One Was Off-Duty Police Officer

An armed man dressed in black walked up to the front of a school in Sao Paolo, Brazil where women and small children were standing. He attempted to rob the small group, but was foiled when a woman pulled a gun out of her purse and shot him point-blank in the chest.

The woman turned out to be an off-duty police officer who was in the right place at the right time.

Elivelton Neves Moreira, a 21-year-old thief, was caught on CCTV footage walking up to a group of women and children with a gun extended. During his robbery attempt, he didn't know that one woman was moving closer to him.

Katia da Silva Sastre, a 42-year-old military police officer, was there with her own daughter, who was a student at the private school. She was there to attend a Mother's Day party when she saw Moreira pull the gun.

Sastre waited for Moreira to look away for a moment when she pulled her firearm out of her purse and shot him in the chest. The video shows a shocked Moreira go down with a look of agony on his face while the officer took cover behind a car.

He fired two rounds from his own gun as he hit the ground. One hit the road and ricocheted, but didn't hit anyone. The other jammed in his gun.

Moreira indicated that he was giving up. Sastre walked around the car and kicked his gun away from him, then picked it up. She was nearly hit by the small car, with the passengers trying to flee the scene.

Sastre kicked a screaming Moreira over, putting a foot on him. Authorities were called and the culprit was brought to the hospital, where he later died of his injuries.

“I didn’t know if he was going to shoot the kids or the mothers or the security guard at the school door,” the officer said later to reporters. “I just thought about defending the mums, the children, my own life and my daughter’s.”

Military police lieutenant André Alves, Sastre’s husband, believes his wife made the right call when she fired so quickly on the suspect.

"The suspect's gun fired once, but it is not known whether or not it was before Katia fired," he explained. "The first shot ricocheted and got lost. On his second attempt at firing, the weapon locked. Thankfully she was faster than him, because when a thug discovers (their opponent) is a police officer, he shoots to kill."

Sao Paulo Governor Márcio França is calling Sastre a hero for her actions, and honored her in a ceremony.

"I went earlier to the 4th BAEP in the east of Sao Paulo to honor a very special mother: Corporal Katia Sastre. Her courage and precision saved mothers and children, yesterday at the door of a school," the governor wrote on Twitter.

"I had to act quickly to end his aggression and prevent him from harming anyone. I reverted to the training I have received in the corporation," Sastre told the Daily Mail. "'It's gratifying to have been in the right place to have saved all our lives."

Source: Independent, Daily Mail
Photos: Ferreira Master via Daily Mail

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