Man Caught Shoplifting at Walmart Had Cash, Heroin, Gun and Human Teeth in His Possession

On Christmas Eve, police officers in South Carolina got a phone call from a local Walmart. The store wanted to report an alleged shoplifting incident, and police arrived and found a man and woman involved. Upon searching the man, the police found some highly unusual items in his possession. The couple were arrested, but the case is baffling.

Twenty-one-year-old Tavon Malik Stanley and his 18-year-old accomplice, Ashley Smith, were spotted by a Walmart employee shoplifting from the Myrtle Beach store. A cashier says she allegedly saw Smith walk out with about $25 worth of merchandise from the store shelf. She walked right by the cashier's register without paying for the items.

Walmart employees stopped Smith and Stanley and detained them while they called police. Police arrived and asked Stanley if he had a gun. The young man admitted to them that he had a firearm in his backpack.

Police carefully searched the backpack when they found a number of surprising things. In addition to a handgun-- Ruger 9 mm that may have been stolen-- Stanley was carrying $2,520 in cash. He also had heroin in his bag-- more than 3,000 doses. Police also discovered he had a number of assorted pills, unopened Fentanyl patches, 22 grams of marijuana, and two human teeth in the bag.

Many of the pills were later identified as prescription drugs that had allegedly been illegally obtained.

Stanley was charged with trafficking heroin, unlawfully carrying a gun, four counts of possessing scheduled drugs and simple possession of marijuana, online jail records say.

Stanley was released on $51,500 bail on Tuesday.

Smith was charged with shoplifting and released the next day.

Many locals raised eyebrows at the unusual haul the police found in the bag. It seems odd that someone with so many illegal drugs and an illegal weapon would risk getting caught for $25 worth of Walmart groceries, especially when he had the cash to pay for them in his possession.

"If there is a Award for Dum A$$ for the Holiday Season!" wrote one commenter on Myrtle Beach Online Facebook Page. "He would be the recipient hands down! Dumber then a Box of Rocks! Stole something worth $25 and the $ to Pay for it! At least he got Caught! And all the Drugs are off the Street!"

"$2500 in cash, but they still resorted to shoplifting? Brilliant," said one person on Yahoo! News.

Some found the creepiest part of the story the news that Stanley was walking around with human teeth in his possession, but, at least in part, that has been cleared up. Since the arrest, the owner of the teeth has been determined.

Pat Dowling, a spokesperson for North Myrtle Beach, says that it's been confirmed that the teeth were Stanley's own. “He provided NMB Public Safety with paperwork showing that they were extracted by a professional,” Dowling wrote in a statement. “The officer did not know that until after the report had been filed.”

It's unclear why Stanley would be walking around with his own extracted teeth, but it doesn’t look like many people are ever going to grasp this man’s logic so it’s probably best to just let it go.
Source: Yahoo
Photo: Fox 8, The Federalist, Patch

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