Homeowner Shoots, Kills Robber, But Family Says He's The Victim

After an alert from her security system showed a young teenage boy robbing her house, Miami woman, Gwendolyn Jenrette, shot and killed a young man named Trevon Johnson. Although news teams triumphantly reported the incident, with TV station WSVN stating Ms Jenrette ‘turned the tables’ on the would-be robber who ‘chose the wrong home’, many have expressed outrage at the fatal shooting, believing that Jenrette should be tried for murder.

On March 10, 2016, Ms Jenrette was alerted to a break-in at her property in Liberty City, a high crime neighborhood in a high crime town. Despite being reassured that police were on their way to handle the situation; Ms Jenrette took matters into her own hands.

When she arrived at her property, Ms Jenrette shot Mr Johnson dead as he attempted to flee the scene of the home invasion. There is no evidence to suggest that Mr Johnson was armed or dangerous. Mr Johnson’s distraught family have begged for justice for the young life cut short, stating ‘He was not supposed to die like this’ and that ‘she did not have to shoot him’ over ‘mere property’. Police arrived only moments after the fatal shooting and attempted to revive the seventeen-year-old boy, but could not save his life.

The unusual circumstances surrounding this case has caused a controversial argument regarding the actions of Gwendolyn Jenrette. The state attorney’s office must decide whether Ms Jenrette will face charges.

With the state of Florida upholding some of the toughest laws on home owner’s rights in the case of a home invasion, it is likely that Mr Johnson’s family won’t receive a wrongful death settlement. The law states that anybody who ‘unlawfully and by force enters or attempts to enter a person’s dwelling, residence, or occupied vehicle is presumed to be doing so with the intent to commit an unlawful act involving force or violence’ meaning that any home or vehicle owner has reason to believe that the ‘…peril of death or great bodily harm…’ is imminent, giving them the jurisdiction to shoot at a home invader.

Police have affirmed that Ms Jenrette has been cooperative with their investigation and at this point, no charges have been made.

Source: Washington Post
Photo: YouTube Screenshot

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