Florida Teen Thrown In Jail For Using Smartphone

A Florida teenager who is one of a gang accused of beating up a friend and then allowing her to be sexually assaulted was back in jail after violating the conditions of her pre-trial release by making a threat to the victim online.

Young and foolish Erica Avery was handcuffed and taken away to jail when the judge determined that she had been using the internet, breaking the bail conditions set just one month prior when she was released on $100,000 bond.

Busted Because Of Pics On Social Media Posts

Broward County Prosecutor Maria Schneider noted that the 17-year-old defendant had photos posted to social media, and she can be seen using a smartphone in one of the pics, according to the Sun-Sentinel.

Of note, Avery and four other teenagers are on trial for armed sexual battery and kidnapping relating to a 2013 assault in Hollywood, Florida.

Cell phone video of the gang attack in 2013 showing Erica Avery and her friend Patricia Montes looking at the victim as she begged half naked and cried outside the home of Jayvon Woolfork.

Avery and another accomplice are charged with punching, kicking and pepper-spraying the victim before holding her down for Woolfork to rape. 

Avery's attorney told the judge it was her sister, not Avery, who sent the threats to the victim, but the judge wasn’t buying it and ordered the young gang banger be sent back to jail.

Source: Mail Online

Photo: Sun-Sentinel/Broward County Sheriff's Office

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